10 Dreams About Love Everyone Has

As fun as decoding dreams sounds, they can be tricky because every dream is unique. Thanks to dream analysts and psychologists, we can now interpret dreams relatively easily.

Did you know that your dreams are capable of influencing your real-life decisions? Well, it is true. Our dreams can warn us, help us, and make us better. Reading the signs in our dreams correctly can help us make better decisions in our waking life. And that is why it is so necessary for you to think carefully. Join the dots to understand what your dreams truly mean because any wrong interpretation can change the course of your life, completely.

Understand what your dreams truly mean. Any wrong interpretation can change the course of your life, completely!

Certain dreams are really common and are experienced by almost everyone at least once in their lives. And in this blog, we are going to discuss a few of these dreams. But these are not just any dreams. These are love dreams!

Love is an extremely complex emotion. And it is not quite easy to understand things when they are related to love. However, your dreams allow you to know what is right and what is wrong. This, subsequently, helps you to make your decisions.

So, let’s discuss some of the love dreams that everyone has and make your life a little easier.

1. Dreaming About Getting Pregnant with Your Partner’s Baby

Pregnancy dreams symbolise new ideas and development. They also represent new beginnings in your life. It indicates your growth in life. However, sometimes, dreams about getting pregnant are stemmed from the conscious thought of being pregnant. So, if you have been thinking about pregnancy too much lately, you are bound to have pregnancy dreams. But what do they mean?

As simple as it is, dreaming about getting pregnant with your partner’s baby symbolises a new development in your relationship. Being pregnant in a dream literally means starting a new life.

You may dream of being pregnant if you are starting a new chapter in your life. For instance, you may dream of being pregnant with your partner’s baby if you are getting married to them any time soon. Although this is a huge thing, such a dream may also occur if you are doing something relatively small. Like taking your first trip together.

2. Dreaming About Sleeping with Your Partner

We all get dreams about sleeping with someone. These dreams may be fulfilling or ridiculously unsatisfactory. Sex dreams are usually more special when they feature your partner. They leave a unique impression on you upon waking up. So, if you have been having sex dreams about your partner here is some good and bad news for you.

According to a study, nearly half of the female population has dreamt about having sex with their partner. So, what does it truly mean?

Roughly half of the female population has dreamt about having sex with their partner!

Such dreams mean two things. First, if you dream about sleeping with your partner, it means you are very happy with your relationship. It means that you love your partner dearly. This kind of dream indicates your contentment with your relationship. It shows that you are excited about how things are going to unfold. So, that’s good news.

Alternatively, dreaming about having sex with your partner could also mean that you are dissatisfied with your current sex life. And you wish to unleash your suppressed emotions and urges. And that, my dear readers, is bad news.

To understand which is it that your dream is signalling toward, invest time in knowing how you feel about your relationship. If it is the latter, you can always talk to your partner and learn how to rekindle the lost spark between the two of you.

Also, pay attention to your partner’s behaviour in the dream. If they were behaving highly sensitive toward your needs, it means you would like your man to have that quality in him. Similarly, if he was dominating you, it means you like your men to take charge and be successful.

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3. Dreaming About Sleeping with Another Man/Woman

This kind of dreams can be truly awkward and if you have been a victim of it recently, then you know how guilty you feel after waking up from it, especially if you are dating someone in real life. And don’t worry. We all get them and we understand so, you need not carry that burden of guilt on your shoulders and let’s see what they mean.

Sleeping with someone else other than your partner in your dream may indicate that you want some sexual tensions that you need to release in your waking life. And since cheating is not an option for you, you channel these tensions into your dream, which is your safe space. Such dreams could also mean that you have some unfulfilled sexual desires that you want to fulfil. And if you have been overthinking about them throughout the day, you are likely to dream about it when you sleep because your mind is trying to complete this ultimate fantasy of yours.

4. Dreaming About Getting Cheated on By Your Partner

Another widespread type of dream that many women get is about their partner cheating on them with someone else. As heart-breaking as it may be, it is just a dream so, don’t go around accusing your partner of committing adultery after waking up. This has got very little to do with them that it has to do with you.

Dreaming about getting cheated on by your partner means you are doing wrong to your self in real life. You are betraying yourself in some way and depriving yourself of the praise and applause that you deserve for possessing specific skills or talents. Simply put, such dreams mean you are not giving yourself enough credit.

What can you do? Start being kinder to yourself and also, pay attention to your potential. Such a dream may also occur if you are choosing the wrong things in your waking life, which may be entirely contradictory to your abilities. For instance, you may be choosing to study medicine when all you really want to be is a writer and have a knack for it. Your dream may be your alarm.

Another reason that you may be getting such a dream is that things are not pointing north in your relationship. And that is why your mind is indicating you to fix things with your partner in your waking life.

5. Dreaming About Cheating on Your Partner

Similar to dreaming about having sex with another person, cheating dreams can also get really awkward especially if you are the one who is committing this almost criminal act. There are two classifications of such dreams. You can either be cheating on your partner with someone you know or they could be someone who is a complete stranger to you.

You are dissatisfied with the way things are going in your relationship currently!

This does not mean that this stranger is the long-lost love of your life. And it certainly does not mean that you have a feeling for the person that you know in real life. Such dreams usually mean that you are dissatisfied with the way things are going in your relationship currently and would like to branch out in terms of exploring each other’s identities and desires.

If you dream of having sex with a person who you know in real life, it may also mean that you have some issues to resolve and restore things between you and that person back to normal.

6. Dreaming About Being with a Celebrity

Do you spend more time with yourself these days and are actually happy about it? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you feeling overly confident about who you are because you have entirely accepted yourself? Chances are that you may have romantic dreams about a celebrity. This could be someone you have been obsessing over for a long time or someone that you did not know that you actually liked until you had this dream of being romantically involved with them.

The reason is that when you feel good about yourself, you think you can achieve anything, and that is why you get these dreams wherein your favourite celebrity crush is ready to show you a good time.

7. Dreaming About Your Losing Your Partner

One of the saddest kinds of dreams is where you see something happen to your loved ones. So, it would naturally be shocking if you were to dream that your partner is dying. Such dreams are pretty direct. They help you reflect on not only your relationship but also yourself.

Dreaming of your partner’s death may indicate that you are feeling neglected. You may need attention from your lover in your waking life. It also means that you fear what several people in the world fear – ending up alone. Such dreams represent your feeling of being abandoned or isolated.

Pay attention to these dreams. They may help you resolve any problems that you may be facing in real life.

8. Dreaming About Being Involved with Your Ex

Don’t beat yourself up if you dream of being involved with your ex. It is okay and completely normal.

Ex in dreams usually represents your acceptance of your previous relationship. It means that you are finally approving of what happened. You are willing to let it go because it does not bother you anymore. Moreover, it also says that you are incorporating your learnings from that relationship into your current relationship. You are also avoiding making the same mistakes again.

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9. Dreaming About Having a Relationship with Someone You Have a Crush on

We can all agree that crushes are dreamy, can’t we? Well, there are several different types of dreams wherein your crushes become a part of your dreams. Let’s discuss a few of them below –

  • If you have been seeing your crush in your dreams every day, it is simply because you have been thinking about them all day long. And now that you are asleep, your mind is trying to fill the gaps in your fantasies by visualising the ‘what happened next’ scenarios.
  • If you see a celebrity crush in your dreams, I recommend you get your thinking caps on. You may be highly insecure about those qualities that you like in them. It may mean that you want to improve on them.
  • If you dream about your crush liking you back, it could merely mean that you hopelessly admire them. You want them to like you back in your waking life.
  • Dreaming of crushing on someone of a different orientation means that you may be subconsciously looking to pursue a person of that gender. Maybe you want to switch your sexual orientation. For instance, you may be homosexual in real life but may see yourself crushing on a woman. Someone you would not pursue in your waking life otherwise.
  • If you dream about crushing on someone you dislike in real life, it could mean that you are resistant to change certain negative habits about yourself. You may be aware of these habits. You may recognise them as dangerous and evil (ex. ragging someone). But you are not willing to change them because of your insecurities.

10. Dreaming About Breaking Up

Break-up dreams are difficult and ghastly for all of us. And it is extra shocking when it involved someone you love in real life. Someone with whom you see your future. Break-up dreams could mean that you need to let your partner go if you want greater things to happen to you. But this may not always be the case.

Break-up dreams are far more profound than they appear to us. Breaking up in a dream means that you are ending things to make room for something new. Now, this may mean that you are actually breaking up with your partner to move on with someone better for you. It may also suggest that you are ending something of the past and stepping onto the next level of your relationship. Simply put, you may get a break-up dream if you are thinking of getting engaged because you are ending a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship and starting a fiancé – fiancée relationship with your partner.

You are ending things to make room for something new!

Besides, if you dream about almost breaking up with your partner, it could mean that you are not accepting the fact that there is no future for your current relationship. Maybe you need to consider ending things.

Dreams are a gateway to your deepest thoughts that probably even you are unaware about. And while you might have not thought about this, but dreams indeed play a very significant role in your relationship. Why else would you instantly like or dislike a person after having a dream about them? Pay attention to your dreams and use them to direct your relationship toward a successful one. And always remember that your dreams tell you things that words never do.

What kind of love dreams have you had? Write it down in the comment section below for your fellow readers!