10 Undeniable Signs You Are Ready to Get Back with Your Ex

Breakups do not always mean it is the end of a relationship. Some breakups are different from the other. They are so healthy that they leave a possibility for you to get back together. And what could be better than getting back with someone that you have known, tolerated and loved before? Like a smart person that you are, you have even allowed yourself some time to heal. You have given yourself some space, too. And now you think that maybe you misjudged the situation and took the wrong decision. So, you believe that it is time for a second chance. But how do you know if you are truly ready to get back with your ex?

Well, apart from your friends forcing you to get to back together, there are universal signs that you must never miss out on. These undeniable signs are like a guide. They help you decide. So, here are ten signs that say you are ready to get back with your ex.

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1. You Have Both Matured Now

Being mature is one of the first signs that you would see. Breakups don’t just happen just like that. They happen because you are not mature or sensible enough to understand each other’s point of view. In fact, one of the primary reasons for a breakup is that you fail to understand each other’s thought processes. And it is okay. You are only human. But you are a better human when you realise your mistakes and rectify them. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

If you two have been talking to each other and realising how stupid you were to let a beautiful relationship go, you probably are ready to get back together.

2. Your Regret Has Got the Better of You

I believe that regret is the worst feeling to have. And if that regret occurs after a breakup, perhaps you made the wrong choice or broke up too soon.

Ask yourself this – Do you regret breaking up every time you talk to each other?

Because if you do, you are moving toward the wrong goal. You should probably make a U-turn. There is nothing more upsetting than losing someone you are perfect with.

3. You Still Have Not Found Anyone Else You Are as Comfortable with

Sure, you have a hundred friends whom you love and who love you back. They understand you. They know you. And it is really easy to be with them, too. But you always end up feeling really lonely. Have you tried asking yourself why that happens even when you are in a perfectly good company?

You tend to feel lonely when you feel you are with the wrong people. People you are not absolutely comfortable with. And this is not just about friends. It is not like you have not tried to move on. You might have gone on dates or simply met new people but you never truly moved on. And one of the reasons for that could be because you never found the same kind of warmth or comfort with anyone else that you found within each other’s company. So, if this happens to you, consider it to be a sign.

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4. You Think Maybe You Could Work on the Problem

Do you think you rushed into it? You think that you could have handled the situation a little better? Do you also think that you can put all of it behind you? Well, this may be because the problem that led to your breakup was not that big after all. Maybe you fought about something that is huge when seen by an outsider, but only the people involved in the relationship know exactly how their bond is. So, maybe you broke up because you said something offensive about his mother or because he said something about your attitude toward his friends. To an outsider, these would call for a breakup, but is it the same for you? That is the question that you need to ask!

If you think that you made the wrong decision by not resolving the issue in a better way for even a second, it is time for you to talk to each other about it. So, even if you were not able to find a resolution back then, perhaps you can give it another try and see if you can put it behind you and move forward.

5. You Are Both Ready to Stop Playing the Blame Game

He said, she said is the easiest thing to do. In fact, most arguments turn ugly because of these blame games. However, after the breakup, since you have had some time on your hands to think about the problem, you can forgive one another.

A prime example of this is getting back with a partner who cheated on you.

You think that you can tell them that it is okay and that you want to be with them and continue seeing them. But are you truly ready to be with them? Here is the problem with this. You are constantly going to think about what they did to you and end up mocking them about the same every chance you get. This would only make your relationship more toxic. And you may even develop resentfulness toward each other. Therefore, there is no point of getting back in such a relationship.

If you are both willing to get back together in a healthy manner, without placing blames, there may be a small window of hope left for your relationship’s success.

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6. Talking to Them Still Feels Natural

All you have to do is pick up the phone and talk to them. You can still rant about how you had the worst day and how you hate everyone. You can call each other at any given time, and you would still get the same kind of attention that you did when you were in a relationship. Whatever happens, they are your go-to person. And there are no judgmental vibes from their side, either. But above all, it still feels like you have got each other’s back. Whether you need to complain or celebrate, you are there for each other. So, it all feels extremely natural. If this is where you stand in your relationship right now, maybe it is time to think things through.

7. You Talk About the Old Times Way Too Much

You are finally in a place where you are willing to see each other or at least talk to each other. And it may feel like the right thing to do to move forward in your lives, but guess what you end up doing? You hang out with one another only to talk about your past. And the past entirely consists of the moments that the two of you spent together. They may be good or bad, but they are still things that you have done together.

While talking about the old times may not be completely healthy, it is okay if it is not making either of you sad. If you have been laughing about the past and happily reminiscing your time together, maybe you are ready to get back together.

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8. You Feel a New Fire Rekindling Between the Two of You

All those late-night conversations, those coffee dates, those friendly hangouts are starting to feel like they are normal. You can see that you both have changed and that you have become more ‘adult’ than you were when you were dating. Both you want the same things now. You are on the same page. You understand the other person better now because you have somehow experienced their life. Suddenly, you can also see why they behaved the way they did. Maybe you can predict them better now, or maybe you cannot get your head around them at all. And that novel, mysterious feeling is luring you toward them.

So, if you feel as if you have not lost any time with each other at all during these hangouts, maybe things are stirring back up between the two of you.

9. There is No Hate or Hard Feeling Anymore

Either a breakup is truly ugly, or it is mutual. But there is another kind of breakup, which is perhaps the best kind of a breakup. It is the one where both of you are at peace. There are no feelings of hatred. You don’t loathe each other’s face, either. You are just hoping to be fine. And while you are coping up with life without each other, you still miss them. Because even if you have lost the relationship, you have not lost the love.

This situation is bound to leave you in an extremely uncomfortable and awkward situation. All because you don’t know how to feel about each other. Should you hate them? Should you be in love? Or should you simply forget? If either of the three options feels undoable, maybe you are being signalled by the universe to get back with your ex.

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10. You Just Feel Like It is the Right Thing to Do

All the other things aside, something all you need is an intuition. And trust me, intuition is the best kind of sign. It is a guaranteed way of knowing if you are ready to get back with your ex. This is when even the universe is telling you to get back together because maybe things aren’t over between the two of you. There may just be some unfinished business. And that is the definitive sign that would tell you that you should get back together.