16 Unique Things That Tell Your Boyfriend Is the Real Deal

Men are some of the most precious beings that exist around us, especially now, when they are becoming increasingly thoughtful and sensitive. While honesty and caring are some of the few qualities that your boyfriend should have, I have come up with 16 extremely unique things that tell you your boyfriend is the real deal.

I am sure that by the end of this article, you would be enough overwhelmed to give your boyfriend the warmest hug in the world.

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1. He Is Your Friend First and Then Your Boyfriend

If your boyfriend can draw the line between two of these distinctive roles, he is definitely a keeper. Your boyfriend should be your biggest confidante without any judgement. He should be someone whom you can talk to about the weirdest things that you have done in your life and wish to do and have the sense of humour to laugh it off.

He should be your go-to person whenever you want to speak to someone that you know would listen to you and never judge you for being who you are, just like the perfect best friend. And once he is done listening to you, he should offer you great pieces of advice like a mature and caring boyfriend.

Get yourself a man who can do both! Every man is capable of doing it.

2. His Gifts Are Not Limited to Only Birthdays

One of the most unique things that tell your boyfriend is the real deal is that he showers you with not only love but also the best of gifts. Unlike a girlfriend’s practical gifts, his presents are a little impractical and you may rarely find a use for them because his ultimate goal is to spoil you rather than improve your quality of life. And it okay because men should be bundles of goofs. That is what makes them such rainbows in our lives.

If you are struggling to find a place in your closet, dressing table or even your bookshelf to fit even the smallest piece of an item because your house is flooding with adorable gifts, you may have found the one for you.

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3. He Does Not Force You to Accept His Religious Beliefs

When he starts to force his religious beliefs on you, it means that he is becoming serious about his future with you and has really begun to picture his life with you in it. This means he can already hear the wedding bells in his head. And it is sweet but it is a little more complicated than that.

After marriage, women are required to adopt not only the husband’s surname but also accept his religion. And you do not get a say in it whether you like it or not. But does it have to be that way?

Well, not really! Kudos to those men who are breaking these barriers and offering their woman a choice of accepting or rejecting his faith and beliefs. So, if your boyfriend is giving you the freedom of choosing your own set of beliefs and respecting them, you know he is the real deal.

4. He ALWAYS Gets You Ice Cream During Periods


All women know that periods are a pain. But isn’t it adorable when men start to recognise this and try doing whatever little they can to make us feel comfortable?

If your boyfriend buys you an ice cream delivers an ice cream at your doorstep every time you get your monthly instalments, he is a keeper. And if he can’t do that because he is in another city, he would definitely order it for you so that you don’t have to take the pain of going out and getting it yourself.

In conclusion, he wants you to feel that he is around even though he is not and wants to try to comfort you even though he has no idea how period cramps exactly feel.

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5. He Never Forgets to Carry an Emergency Sanitary Pad in His Backpack

My boyfriend read it somewhere and he started doing this and trust me, out of all the great things he has done for me, this is one tops it. You know he is a keeper when he carries a sanitary napkin whenever he is travelling with a backpack, with or without me. He says it would be of use to someone else if not you. And that’s lovely. Not only that but he actually carries the exact same brand that I use and even knows how to go pad shopping!

(And the award for the most awesome boyfriend goes to…)

6. He Makes You Better Person

The right one would not nitpick or find flaws in you just because. He knows what he is doing has a purpose. Moreover, he loves you and wants to see you grow. So, although he would not be as strict with you as you would be with him, he would try to be as straightforward as possible without being impolite.

Also, most men have this really good habit of waiting for the appropriate time to correct you. So, if you do or say something wrong, they would not immediately correct you as women do. They would wait for you to calm down, find the right moment, choose the perfect words and explain to you in a manner you would understand. That level of patience truly deserves a salute.

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7. He Does Not Get Offended Easily

Men have a huge ego and women have a sick habit of watering it. That does no good. If your man is constantly offended by the smallest of things such as cracking a benign joke on his family (even when you have been together for more than a year) or talking to another man, then what is the point of telling you that he loves you?

My boyfriend got really offended when I made small jokes on how weird his nose looked after his surgery. And also about how lazy everyone in his family is. But now that he thinks about it, he realises that he was very childish back then to take offence and respond with the silent treatment. But it is better late than never so, I guess it all turned out to be fine!

8. He Is Concerned but Never Possessive

To know if your boyfriend is the real deal, observe his behaviour toward you when he is not around. He calls you too many times for no particular reason? Does he repeatedly ask you where you are and with whom despite you telling him twice? He asks you who is that whenever he hears the voice of another man call out your name? Yup, red flags all over the place, sister!

A good boyfriend would surely be concerned. But he will never obsess over who you are spending your time with when he is not around. He would want to know your whereabouts but not in a creepy stalker-ish way. He would want you to be safe. Even if that means that another man is dropping you home late at night. All this because he trusts you enough to know that you would not go behind his back and hurt him in any way.

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9. He Doesn’t Mansplain You

Ladies, please enlighten yourselves with the true meaning of mansplaining. Pseudo-feminists have spoiled this truly brilliant term for true feminists.

Mansplaining is when a man tries to explain to you something because they assume that you would not know it just because you are a woman.

Read that as many times as you can to nail it in your head permanently instead of throwing it around randomly in conversations. If your boyfriend is correcting you because you are really wrong and not because you are a woman, that’s teaching. He is the real deal.

10. He Is in Touch with His Femininity

Nothing is more annoying than a man who is constantly insecure about his masculinity and sexuality. You are a man, you can do stuff. We get it. That is not cute.

What is charming is a man who is absolutely sure of his masculinity and therefore, isn’t afraid to get in touch with his feminine side. Reading a Jane Eyre novel isn’t a girly thing for him. It is empowering for him and a guilty pleasure. In fact, I never say this to his face because I don’t want to encourage him but I am very proud to say that my boyfriend knows all the lyrics to all the Hannah Montana songs (they were awesome and being a musician myself, I should know) by heart. I am just glad that I have a singing partner.

Also, you know he is a keeper when he instantly switches his maternal instincts on when he sees that the situation demands it. What more can you ask for?

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11. He Doesn’t Make You Feel Uncomfortable About Your Upset Stomach

Did you eat more than you could stomach? Is your stomach dragging you to the washroom again and again while you are outside? The last thing you want is for your boyfriend to judge you. You already have a lot to deal with. And your boyfriend judging you for going to the toilet would only add to your embarrassment.

Instead of making fun of you during these hard times (no pun intended), if your boyfriend is taking you to places with the best washrooms, he is the real deal.

12. He Is Super Excited to Watch New Animated Films and Romantic Comedies

My boyfriend and I literally had an elaborate argument about if we should watch Moana or La La Land. (Both great movies, by the way). It should not be a surprise that he won. And we ended up watching Moana, which I don’t regret because it has become my favourite animated movies of all time.

But the point is, get yourself a man who isn’t embarrassed to watch either an animated film or a romantic comedy.

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13. He Has a Joke for Every Moment

There is a reason why Chandler is such a beloved character of all time. He is funny and has jokes for every situation. And that is the most magnetic feature of a man’s personality. If your boyfriend has a great sense of humour, he is an absolute keeper.

Whether you failed your tests or crashed into a pole while walking, if your boyfriend acts all concerned all the time and never laughs anything off, something is wrong with him.

14. He Drinks Only as Much as He Knows He Can Handle

Do you ever find a man who is practically passing out due to drinking too much even remotely attractive? NO! Because no woman likes a man, who cannot handle his alcohol.

Your man should be classy and should know his drinking capacity. Overindulging shows how less of a self-control you have. It is extremely unappealing and no woman wants to be with someone like that.

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15. He Gives You Weird Nick Names

When a man gives you weird nicknames, it means he is serious about his relationship with you and cares enough about you to call you with different names. I know it is weird but men have weird ways of expressing their love and this is one of them.

16. He Would Help You Write This Article

There is nothing more I hate more than recycling the same article that other bloggers write. And copy paste them under my name with some tweaking and rephrasing. And my boyfriend knows this, too. So, I stayed up all night. And made my boyfriend stay up with me to come up with new and relatable stuff to provide you with some value. Basically, even though he is not getting paid, he is ready to help me with my work. Thus, if your boyfriend is offering you unpaid labour, he is the real deal!

Tell us what makes your boyfriend so unique that you feel he is the real deal in the comment section below!