17 Unnoticeable Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating on You

Before we begin, I would like to tell you that this article is in no way encouraging you to doubt your relationship with your partner. And even if you are seeing any of the below-mentioned signs in your partner’s behaviour, it may just be a coincidence. Trust is one of the pillars of a healthy relationship and suspicion only causes more problems than solving anything. Therefore, the only way to guarantee if your significant other is cheating on you is by confronting them, however ugly it may get.

Today, people have become truly liberal with the use of the word “cheating.” People describe it as cheating even when their partners like a photo of someone of the opposite sex on Facebook. Let me tell you that this is not any form of cheating. Cheating is a completely different practice. Not even fantasizing or thinking of another person can be called cheating. Only when your partner is acting on their fantasies or thoughts can it be termed as cheating. So, be wise before jumping to any conclusions.

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While you may see a lot of different signs that tell you that your partner is cheating on you, here are 17 signs that you may not notice at all. Ensure that you read the article carefully to find out if your suspicion is truly the reality.

1. They Stop Asking You to Go Out with Them

When your partner is cheating on you, they would stop asking you to go out with them and spend as much time indoors as they can. You may find that they are unusually tired and simply making excuses to stay back home even if you are making the plans. This may be because they are playing a double role and spending more time with their other man/woman. This would be significant especially if your partner is a working professional and they have a stressful schedule.

Besides, your partner would not get innovative with trips and outings like they once did, either. You may also have fights regarding the same and if they do accompany you outside, it would be because of those tiring fights.

2. They Avoid Talking About Their Innermost Feelings

You know your partner is cheating on you when they stop talking to you, especially if you are one of those people whom they once confided in. Every person needs someone to talk to and if they are not talking to you, then they are certainly talking to someone else who you may not know about. This is a very toxic situation to be in and has the potential to make things even worse.

While in no way should you blame yourself for this, if you really love your partner and still want things to work out between the two of you, I suggest you initiate the conversation yourself and tell them about how you are feeling about this behaviour of theirs.

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3. Their Concern About How They Look Has Increased

If your significant other is cheating on you, they would appear to be extra conscious about their appearance. You would find them spending too much time in front of the mirror and notice that they are paying unexpectedly more attention to the way they dress and even what they are eating. Some may even find that their significant other is spending way more on shopping than they normally do just because they want to look good.

The reason why this is mentioned as one of the signs of cheating is that when your partner is cheating on you, they begin to show the same signs that people show when they newly get into a relationship. So, look out!

4. They Have Begun to Criticise You More Than Usual

Your partner is meeting someone new behind your back. Obviously, it must be someone who is different from you and also someone who they think is better than you. While some cheaters may show signs of guilt and shamefulness, some may go an extra mile and start criticising you more than usual. And this would not be small pieces of constructive criticisms. These criticisms would be offensive personal attacks probably on your appearances or intellect, too. They may make condescending remarks or even belittle you in public. All this is because they would try to find flaws in you that may even exist in the first place.

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5. There Was a Time When You Were the Other Man/Woman, Too

The biggest red flag that you would notice when your partner is cheating on you is that you were the other man/woman once. This may not be the completion of a karmic cycle as you may begin to think. It is just one of the behavioural characteristics of the person that you are dealing with.

While this may be an extremely upsetting situation for you, you should have been more alert after you got into a relationship with the same person. Because there is a reason why the proverb “once a cheater, always a cheater” is so revered.

6. They Unexpectedly Have New Moves in Bed

Is your significant other showing new moves in bed? Are you noticing any fresh styles of making love? Your partner is probably cheating on you.

Unless your partner is watching a lot of adult videos or reading too much about newer ways of making love, it is impossible to learn any new moves besides the only one reason that they are doing it with another person. They are probably learning a new way of doing things in bed that they are being taught by this other man/woman.

The best way of finding out if your partner is showing these new moves in bed because they are cheating on you is to simply ask them where they are learning all of it from. You can tell whether they are lying or telling the truth simply by their response.

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7. You Have Stopped Arguing About the Usual Things

There is no couple in this world that does not fight however happy they may be. Every couple argues or fights about specific things. As a couple, you may also have certain unresolved recurring issues that you find yourself constantly arguing about. These arguments are just common disagreements and they never lead to unhealthy situations. Hence, they are healthy for yourself. They keep your relationship alive because they are signs that show that you still care about the future of this relationship.

It is when you stop arguing that you know that your relationship is dead. Things that you usually argued about are no longer spoken of. In fact, it does not even bother the cheating partner anymore and it is because they have stopped caring for their future with you.

8. They Don’t Remember What You Tell Them Anymore

You frequently find your partner to be dumbfounded whenever you talk to them? Do you find them struggling to remember when you ask them about something that you said to them a few days back? Is this not a usual behaviour for them? Did they always remember what you told them before their weird behaviour started occurring?

If you answered all the above questions in affirmation then your significant other may probably be cheating on you. When someone is cheating, they are trying to play two roles at the same time, which is why they begin to forget things that you tell them. And that is when they get caught. To err is human!

9. They Have Suddenly Become Fond of Adventure

If your partner is cheating on you, they would constantly keep telling you that they need an adventure. This is because they need something new in their life and that is why they have gone and found new people in their life, too.

Your partner will start telling you that they want to go on a vacation or even move to a new location. If you cannot find a particular reason for this behaviour of theirs and you do not think that they are particularly frustrated, then chances are that your significant other is cheating on you.

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10. They Are Working Longer Than They Usually Do

Your partner job timings are from 10 am to 7 pm. But they are coming home at 11 pm. They are late even when you know that the route that they travel from is never really crowded. Then they are probably cheating on you.

They are spending the extra time that they get every day after work with this other person that they have been seeing behind your back. If you think you are finding it difficult to keep a track of your partner’s time, they may be cheating on you.

11. They Never Respond When You Talk About ‘Cheating’ As a General Subject

Common non-verbal gestures like blinking, looking down and even scratching are signs of someone being uncomfortable with a subject. If your partner is cheating on you, you would notice that they are trying to avoid the conversation completely.

Your partner would also hesitate when responding to the topic or avoid telling you that ‘they hate cheaters,’ which is a common response that people usually have. Moreover, they would also go to the extent of justifying adultery to you. And when they do that, instead of looking at the exit door, see it as an opportunity to get the truth out of them.

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12. They Never Answer Your Calls Immediately

People who are cheating are usually never really answering their calls or texts on time. This is also one of the major signs that are observed in cheaters. It is usually because they are either with this other man/woman. Or because they are thinking of what to tell you if you ask them their whereabouts.

13. Your Gut Feeling Tells You That Your Partner is Cheating

Sometimes, your intuition is your best friend. If you have been getting dreams about partner cheating on you or you simply get a strong feeling that something is fishy, there are chances that they are cheating on you.

This is because your subconscious has the ability to pick up things that your conscious may not actively notice. Your subconscious may have observed some change in your partner’s behaviour that you missed out on. And that may also be the reason that you are getting the visions of your partner cheating on you in your dreams. So, if you have a strong gut feeling, don’t ignore it and try to get closure on the topic.

14. “I Love You” Is Rarely Heard

These three magic words actually work in making your relationship healthier and more loving. So, if you never hear your partner saying them, it may be because they are saying it to someone else. Your partner may even be having a casual hook up with another person. So, they may not be saying it to anyone at all. In any case, if you think that the words “I love you” have disappeared from your relationship from your partner’s side, make sure that you talk to them about it. And find out why it is happening.

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15. They Are Cautious When Sleeping Next to You

Cheating increases stress, which makes sleeping a really stressful activity, especially if you are sleeping next to someone whom you are cheating on. Therefore, if your partner is cheating on you, they would sleep with one eye open when they are around you because they are scared that they would talk in their sleep or say something subconsciously that they would “rat out” their secret.

16. They Begin to Have Unexplained Mood Swings

They are angry when things are great between the two of you. Or when they are exceptionally happy when the two of you have just fought. If your partner has been having mood swings that you just cannot explain, perhaps they are cheating on you.

17. They Don’t Bother to Correct You Anymore

When your partner sees their future with you, they try to improve you. Because they know that they cannot live with someone who they are not completely compatible with. And also, because they want to see you be the best version of you. But when they stop correcting you, it is because they are not seeing a future with you. (Especially when they have been doing it ever since the beginning of your relationship). Because they are probably seeing it with someone else.

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If you are noticing the above signs in your significant other (and similar such red flags), it is advised that you confront them once and for all. For no reason should you feel that it is your fault or it is something that you are doing. Note If someone wants to cheat on you, they would. Also, do not shy away from asking for help if you feel you need an outside perspective. It may help you face the situation better.