18 Things That Say Your Girlfriend Is the Bawse

All girlfriends are bawses because they have to deal with such unmanageable men who are always in a mess. But some girlfriends are simply more awesome than the rest.

If you have struggled to describe your girlfriend to your friends for a long time and were always completely at a loss of words, it may be because you didn’t know that your girlfriend was totally a bawse, which is just a fancy way of calling someone a ‘boss’ on the internet! (I know, we are a weird lot of individuals).

So, if you think your girlfriend is remarkable, here are 18 things that would prove that she is a bawse indeed!

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1. She Is Completely Honest

Your girlfriend would never hide anything from you. Women love to be honest especially if they know that the other person is interested in listening to them. Moreover, your girlfriend would tell you everything that is on her mind because she is not afraid of being who she is and isn’t scared to hide her opinions. She would show complete honesty in everything she does and in everything she tells you.

2. She Tries to Improve You Even If It Means Hurting Your Feelings

You know you are with the right one when your girlfriend is strict with you. Your woman is hugely critical of you because she wants to see you be the best person you can be. She never fails to recognise your potential in every work you take up and makes sure that you achieve excellence in the field.

She would call you off when she would see that you are not trying hard enough and even tell you that you are not up to the mark when you are not making enough efforts to finish your work. If you think she is rude or never shies away from calling you lazy, it is because she loves you and wants to improve you.

3. She Understands Your Dreams Even If They Are Superficial

D you wish to develop a machine that creates water or turns sea water into potable water when you grow up? You want to be the wealthiest person in the world and take over Bill Gates? Well, tell her, and she would understand. Your girlfriend would support your visions and dreams, regardless of what they are and how unachievable the world may think they are.

In fact, not only will your bawse girlfriend support your dreams relentlessly, but she would also help you achieve them. She would literally make a blueprint of how you can achieve your dreams and tell you her plans about how you can start before going to bed. Safe to say that she would be involved in the achievement of your goals as much as you are. Maybe even more than you are!

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4. She Is Your Biggest Critic, Confidante and Cheerleader

As mentioned before, your girlfriend is your biggest critic. Also, she would always try to improve you no matter what. She would read your manuscript irrespective of how busy she is and correct your grammar because we all know that women can always find the errors that you may have missed. So, you know whom to approach when you are stuck in a situation because your girlfriend has the best conclusive pieces of advice.

Apart from that, you can always confide in your girlfriend. Stole something as a child and never spoke a word of it to anyone in your entire life? Tell her! She would probably make fun of you for some time but would never break your trust. Moreover, she would always cheer you on whenever you are feeling low and be your biggest fan. Don’t believe it? Try taking her to your game where you are playing and notice how she whistles, applauds and screams out motivational phrases for you.

5. She is Transparent with Her Feelings

One way to tell if your girlfriend is truly a bawse is by seeing how transparent she is with her feelings. A good girlfriend would always tell you what she is feeling and does not play any guessing games with you. If she is mad, she would tell you why she is mad and what would work for her. While all women love drama, your girlfriend would try to avoid the unnecessary ones that she knows would complicate your relationship and tell you things exactly as they are. So, when you ask her what is it that is bothering her, instead of saying, “nothing” in an annoyed tone, she would list out the things that have made her upset because she is mature enough to understand that she is not dating a mind reader.

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6. She Knows Exactly What She Needs

You know your girlfriend is perfect when she tells you exactly what she needs from you and this relationship. Besides, she also tells you what she wants to eat. I know! The biggest problem men have with women is that they are extremely indecisive about what they want. This is such a universal problem that everyone from Ashish Chanchlani to iiSuperwomanii has made a video about the same. And as funny as all those videos are, women know how truly annoying this aspect of their behaviour is.

Your bawse girlfriend would not only tell you what she wants to eat, but she would also tell you where she wants to eat and literally take you there.

7. She Is an Animal Lover

A person’s character is reflected in the way they treat their subordinates and well, animals. Regardless of who she loves – cats, dogs, fish, birds, panda or even a lion, she is of an excellent character. She is kind and extremely considerate of other people’s emotions. If your girlfriend is an animal lover, she would be not only humble but also truly respectful towards other people.

I know, I know. How can all this be derived from just knowing whether or not someone is an animal lover? Well, if someone can be kind toward beings that cannot speak, imagine how kind they would be to the ones who can not only talk but also comment and rationalise.

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8. She Is Capable of Challenging You Intellectually

She is always up for a game of crossword and not only does she play it but she also wins at it like a bawse. Your crossword score is probably 3:15 in her favour.

Besides, she has read more books than you have and knows that it is better than the movie. She is also capable of analysing every single character in the book or movie. In fact, she makes you fall in love with her every time she says something that blows your mind.

No, I am not describing a superwoman who does it all. All women are capable of doing it if they wish to. And if your girl is already doing everything, you have met a keeper.

9. She Has Her Own Life

Your girl does not stop you from having fun on your own and never feels threatened when you are hanging out with your friends without her. She has her schedule set that she is very proud of and enjoys truly. In fact, she is so happy with what she does that she does not feel the need to call you every time you go out just to make sure that you are thinking of her and talking to your friends about her. She does not bag on your plans when you make one and does everything independently. Also, she would not make you feel guilty when you go out because she knows that she has the same perks as you do.

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10. She Is Mature and Yet Has a Childlike Wonder

Your girlfriend is a bawse if she is mature enough to have a conversation with your intelligent friends as well as understand those feelings that you as, a grown up, are having. Not only would she comprehend your most complex emotions but she would also have the innocence of a child.

She has the same sparkle in her eyes that children have, which makes them so curious and inquisitive. This is always a great quality to have because it encourages her to remain grounded even if she is overachieving.

11. She Gives You Thoughtful Gifts

You may think that a pair of socks is not thoughtful enough, but there is probably a reason why she spent her money on them. She may have seen that you wear weird or torn socks because well, men tend to do that, and wants you to be presentable with a new pair of socks. Her gifts may include everything from a pair of shoes to a grooming kit and even a mattress. If she thinks you need it, she will buy it for you without you even asking for it. And you would not even realise that you need it unless you get it from her and she explains to you why you need it. To conclude, she is hawkeyed!

12. She is Spontaneous and Always Up for an Adventure

Your woman is not a spoilsport. And she would say yes to an adventure unless she is severely frightened of what you are about to do. Do you want to go to a bowling alley for the first time? She is up for it. Do you want to try paragliding? Well, she would probably be scared, but she would want to try it even if her nerves are killing her with a ton of anxiety. All this because she knows that you want to do it and she respects that.

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13. She Knows What Feminism Truly Is

Your girl knows that feminism isn’t a concept that was introduced by the internet. She knows that it has been around since the 16th century and that it does not mean that she has the license to be a jerk and treat men disrespectfully.

Moreover, she knows that feminism does not mean holding doors open and pulling out the chairs. She knows that is chivalry and it is something that should not only be done by men but also by women. And above all, she is happy to split the bill because she knows that your money does not grow on trees just like hers does not.

14. Her Pop Culture Reference Jokes Are on Point All. The. Time.

We all know what relationships today are like. They are about tagging each other in the best memes and sending the perfect gifs as responses to specific messages. Your bawse girlfriend is well-versed with the internet and knows what is trending. She knows the most popular shows and you know she binge-watches the best of them at night after coming home. Also, she knows that you are a huge fan of pop culture and that is what motivates her to write all those brilliant jokes on text messages. She knows how you like it. Well, at least “that’s what she said!”

15. She Doesn’t Post It on Instagram, She Says It to You

You have just fought with her, and you are both disturbed? Imagine that you think going on Instagram would take your mind off of things and make you a little calmer but there it is. She has posted a story on Instagram about how she is feeling having fought with you and how disturbed she is. That would completely annoy you and knowing that she is parading around what is going on in your relationship internally, may even make things worse between you. Wouldn’t it be great if she told you everything directly?

Your girlfriend is a bawse when she tells you everything from how she loves you to how annoying you are, directly to your face without feeling the need to post it on social media.

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16. You Can Talk to Her About Your Poop and Other Gross Stuff

She does not laugh when you fart. She knows that pooping is completely natural and that everyone does it. So you would not find her making a big deal about it when you tell her that you cannot control your bowel movement. She would lecture you about your eating habits, and perhaps even laugh at your misery. But she would make you feel comfortable about talking about it.

17. You Can Learn Many New Things from Her

Your bawse girlfriend will teach you everything from opening a new account in a bank to how to throw sass at your most annoying colleague. Tired of a girl hitting on your constantly (rare occasion, by the way!) but do not know how to tell her? Allow your girlfriend to teach you how you can drive her away without being rude. And the best part about it is that she would not feel jealous if you tell her about this other girl.

18. She Improves Your Standard of Living

If you haven’t noticed yet, you were living in a pit that was hit by a hurricane once. And now you are living in the same one bedroom apartment luxuriously without spending much. How did that happen? Your girlfriend is not a magician. She just knows the best management tips that not even the biggest management gurus know. Also, she turned a pig into a Friesian horse by changing your brand preferences and what you buy in months.