Breaks in Relationship: Are They Normal?

Dating has become a quite casual thing for people in today’s time. While everything feels like a dream in the early days, things can go hunky-dory at some point. That is the testing times for both the girl and the boy. Some survive this, while some simply give up thinking that is the best way to deal with it. But couples nowadays have come up with another solution instead of just walking out from a relationship. Well, that is the best thing one can opt for without going through emotional and mental stress. Instead of breaking ties with their loved ones, they believe in taking a break from their relationship for a while.

“We were on a break!”

Now while saying this, the first thing which comes to my mind is Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS. Well, not just me, but almost everyone who is reading this. For all those who don’t know, I recommend you to watch FRIENDS, and I am sure you will be able to relate to this situation. Having said all this, I think taking a break from your relationship has become quite common among couples. Also, one shouldn’t make a big deal out of it, as it is a personal choice of the couple.

So before jumping on to the pros and cons of having relationship breakups, let me tell you what does relationship breaks means. So basically, when a relationship between two people is going through a rough phase, that’s when instead of breaking up, they take a break from each other. Separating from each other for a while will give them time to think about themselves and also figure out how to deal with the problems. Breaks in relationship can also be very hurtful, but one needs to take this step at the right time to lead a happy life ahead.

But as we all know, nothing is as easy as we think as there are lots of factors to be considered before taking this step. It is a huge step as it will either make or break your relationship forever. Plus, one will go through mental and emotional stress, too in this sensitive time.

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Here are some pros of having breaks in relationship, which can be favourable for many couples:

1. Giving yourself time apart

No one would want to stay away from their beloved, but sometimes the situation demands to do so. Taking breaks in relationship will lessen your burden. When you are in a relationship, you have to put efforts to make your relationship work constantly. But when you take a break, it is all about you and no one else. You will get a lot of time to think just about yourself. You can indulge in things you love, be it travelling, exploring new things about yourself and also your hobbies. Well, in many cases this break thing might work out best.

2. Learning to value your partner

We all are selfish at some point in our life and just think about ourselves. The same happens when you are dating someone. For some people, this habit of being selfish can create problems in a relationship. The other person might get hurt, feeling that you don’t love them anymore. This can be one of the reasons for relationship breaks. However, once you’re away from your beloved even for a while, you might just realise the importance of that person in your life. You will feel your life is incomplete without that person, and this realisation is enough to mend things.

3. Getting your life on track

While you are in love, sometimes, a person forgets about their future. This happens when you’re too much involved in your relationship. Life can be like a fairytale, a dreamy and beautiful one, but one also has to be practical. No one is going to feed you for free. Career is as vital as love, and both should have a perfect balance. If you feel you have lost your way career-wise, a short break from your relationship can work wonders as you get to plan things for your future. There is no distraction, and you can be more focused. In short, your goals might get a clear vision.

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4. Testing your love and becoming stronger

Staying away from your beloved can be the hardest thing one has to go through. But a little pain in love can make things work out. While one can take things for granted but distancing yourself from your beloved will make you realise how much you love your partner. In fact, it will make you much more confident about your relationship than before. A small break in a relationship can get you a lifetime of happiness.

5. Realising the importance of communication

When there are breaks in relationship, things tend to cool down between the two people. As the couple is on a break, they behave quite formally with each other. This makes things easier for both of them. The effect of communication becomes smoother. They have the patience to listen to each other without as now they are two different individuals and not a couple for the time being. Taking a break gives them a chance to listen, respect and understand each other’s point of views patiently rather than fighting over it.

Well, there might be many other benefits of taking breaks in relationships. However, with some pros, there are also cons, which the couple faces during their time apart. But before we get into those, in my opinion, there should be some relationship break rules that are needed to be followed to make this situation easier to handle, making it more effective.

In my opinion, or I guess many other couples who sincerely want to make things work out with their partner, the most important thing to remember is that it is a temporary break and not a permanent one.

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So when is it wrong to have relationship breaks:

1. Seeing other people 

Well, this is the most common thing which can actually destroy relationships. While you are on a break, it doesn’t give you a right to date or thinking about seeing other people. Because you still haven’t wholly parted ways from your partner. But most of the times, the other person makes the mistake of looking out for others and eventually lose interest in mending things with their partner. This might end things.

2. Moving on too soon

Having a relationship break means to distance yourself from your partner to gain some perspective. However, if your partner takes this temporary break as a permanent one and moves on quickly, that is the end. It simply means, he/she doesn’t need you in his/her anymore and you’re a closed chapter. While the other partner is waiting for things to work out, but if you’ve moved on, the other person will feel cheated.

3. Making breaking up easier

While we figured out a lot of pros of having relationship breaks, for some couple, this whole idea of breaks in a relationship can turn worse. Things might simply become too complicated to handle. The loss of communication, the feeling of love and emotion might probably vanish away. Sometimes separation makes them so rigid that they tend to move on without thinking about their partner. Some people don’t prefer to walk the same path once they change their direction. They just want to get rid of it and end it forcibly. Taking such a huge step might prove favourable for oneself, but this might also make the situation worse for the other partner.

4. Not specifying the parameters for the break

Relationships have no guarantee since they are not any objects. It is an emotion which one feels, and it needs to be nurtured so that it can grow. A relationship involves two people to make it work, and both of them will have to put equal efforts to make it successful. But when it hits the rocks, it is time to take the right step. While people these days choose to find a mid solution of taking relationship breaks, however, that too doesn’t come with any guarantee. So it should be decided mutually. The risk factor is very high as there are chances you might lose your loved one forever. Also, one will regret for the rest of their life for taking this decision.

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5. Not specifying the period

When a couple decides to take a relationship break, one doesn’t know how much time it will take for things to get sorted. While the other one has already settled on a specific period needed to sort out things, this can create a rift between the two. So for example, if the girl thinks she needs barely 3 to 4 months or a short term period to work things out, whereas the boy wants a year or so for the same. There is a lot of difference in opinion which might eventually end things. Also, the patience level plays a significant role while the couple is on a relationship break. Once you lose patience, things won’t work out.

Relationship Breaks Are a Matter of Choice

So getting into a relationship is no big deal, but dealing with it as years pass by is an enormous task. Sometimes your partner can be tough to deal with, but if you love him/her, you will anyhow find ways to see the positive side rather than counting the negative things.

Breaks in relationships is a new-age concept which we have seen in movies and TV shows, but now people are indulging into it in real life as well. I’ve personally seen a lot of my friends going through this, too. While some were successful and are now happily back together, unfortunately, the others experienced heartbreaks.

Breaks in relationship taken in the search for a positive outcome are good breaks

Nowadays, people are very open-minded and like trying out different things, especially when it comes to dealing with relationships. Some couples will put their heart and soul to make their relationship work and keep their love blossoming. For such couples, breaks in relationships are the best option when they face some issues. While for people who indulge in casual relationships and dating, this might not be a suitable option. Also, if they decide to go for it, relationship break rules don’t apply to them because everything is causal for them.

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Relationship breaks can work wonders for those people who take this step at the right time and sincerely follow the rules set by them. One has to do this without hurting their partner and making sure things are going well. During this period, one can discover several new things about oneself and also about their partner. Comparing stuff about how they were before and after can also help.

Breaks in relationship are good when they are are not habitual

Well, this concept of breaks in relationships can be favourable, but one must not make it a habit of repeating it several times. Because you never know, things might have worked in your favour once; however, it can’t be the same every time. Though people these days are taking such things very casually and not making a big deal out of it, one must not take advantage of it. Feeling ashamed of revealing it to your friends and family about the same is something wrong. It is one’s way of dealing with a relationship, and everyone should be respected for it. Being judgmental can affect the person going through this, and he/she might lose confidence.

Also guiding our fellow friends and loved ones in this situation can help them as well us. One can be prepared for it in case a need might arise in the future.

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Well, these were some of the useful opinions on breaks in relationship, which can change your views before taking such a big step. There is nothing wrong in doing it, but one should be very careful in such sensitive matters. Having said that, these views apply to all kinds of relationships, be it a man in love with a man or a woman loving another woman, and there is nothing wrong about it.