What Happens When You Date Your Zodiac Match?

What a weird thing to read about, right? That is what I thought when I typed in the title. But I really wanted to explore this subject for my readers. So, let me start by asking you a question – Are you lost in love?

If you are one of those who never seem to meet the right kind of person in their love life, you have stumbled across the right place. I believe there is something wrong that you are doing if you are not able to meet a good person. Either you are not looking enough or you are looking in the wrong place. What if I told you that I have a solution for this inescapable curse that you are caught in? Yup! I really do. But I want you to be really open-minded if you are going to read further. Because I am going to tell you about a sure shot way of finding love.

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When finding love, the one thing that people never do is find someone who is theoretically compatible with them. And where can you get written proof of your compatibility with someone? In zodiac predictions. If you are tired of being beaten in your quest for finding true love, turn to astrology.

Every sign is perfect for some other sign. It only takes a little research and some efforts to know who that perfect sign that you are meant to be with is. Checking your zodiac compatibility with someone before dating them is a great way of ensuring you are with your perfect partner. But what happens when you find someone of your zodiac compatibility? You would have to read on to know the answer to that, my friend. So, dive in!

You Get to Experience a Different Kind of Commitment

Some people believe that dating as per your zodiac compatibility is rubbish. But I believe you get to experience something really unique. Dating someone who is supposed to be spiritually compatible with you makes you be serious with them. You do everything right with them. And you are not scared to show your true feelings because you know it is safe to do so. Moreover, you are always trying to be your best version. And above all, you begin to be more mindful toward them. You do everything to avoid hurting them in any manner because you don’t want to lose them. And that is how this kind of love makes you experience a different kind of commitment.

You Already Know How Your Relationship is Going to Turn Out to Be

A person’s zodiac sign helps you to get a basic character sketch about them. It becomes easier to predict someone’s behaviour when you know their nature. Reading about their zodiac sign would give you a better idea about their attitude and overall personality. Also, it would help you be prepared for their reactions toward certain situations. In turn, you would also be able to predict how your relationship is going to be.

When I got into my current relationship, I never really believed in zodiac compatibility. However, out of curiosity, I began to follow zodiac astrology. And I was surprised by what I came across. My boyfriend behaved exactly the way his zodiac sign was supposed to. It was shocking but it really helped me get through the tough phases of my relationship. Zodiac predictions helped me prepare for what may happen.

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Love Happens Naturally

Zodiac compatibility is all about having qualities that are compatible with that of each others’. It takes into account your personality and gives you your perfect zodiac match. When two zodiac signs are compatible, they have complementary qualities. Now, let me explain you to the psychology behind love.

Love evolves with the one you feel an attachment towards. And the primary reason for getting attached to someone is that you like their qualities. Since you like the qualities that are similar to yours or those that you admire, you love people who possess those qualities. Hence, it is clear why love happens naturally when your zodiac signs are compatible.

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You Know Theoretically Your Relationship is Worth Fighting for

The simplest reason why relationships don’t work out even when your zodiac signs are compatible is that people don’t work on it enough. Love may happen naturally but relationships require work. So, even if you have fallen deeply in love with someone, that relationship may not work. So, are you ready to work on your relationship and fight for your love? You have got nothing to lose in such a relationship. Theoretically, you are perfect for each other. Therefore, you would not be fighting for the wrong person and end up being hurt. It is a sure shot arrangement.

Zodiac Compatibility Helps You Complement Each Other

In astrology, compatible zodiac signs are determined by weighing in the character traits of two signs. These traits are either similar or complementary in both the signs. Therefore, what one sign lacks is fulfilled by the other.

Being a Libra woman, I am a very strong-headed, blunt, expressive person. I am opined and as you can see, am fully aware of it. On the contrary, my boyfriend is kind of less dramatic. He is more rational than I am and is not so impulsive, even though he is an Aquarius man. He keeps me grounded and I keep him motivated. What I lack, he makes up for it. And that is how we make a good team.

It Doesn’t Affect Your Love for Each Other

Dating your zodiac’s compatibility has no influence on your ability to love someone. In fact, love and zodiac signs are two completely different elements of a relationship. Technically, you can love someone even if you are not compatible with them. You don’t even need to have similarities. Remember, opposites attract? Yes, they do. Thus, when you date your zodiac’s compatibility, you don’t influence your feelings in any way. This also means that even if you date someone who is perfect for your zodiac sign, it is possible that you don’t fall in love with them at all. Your ability to love remains independent and unadulterated.

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You Get to Know Your True Limits in Such a Relationship

How far are you willing to go for the one you love?

As mentioned before, you would do anything for the one you know deserves your love. Also, if you are sure that they are the one for you, there is really no turning back. And that is how you get to know your true limits in a relationship with your perfect zodiac match.

I never knew I was capable of being with someone for as long as I have been with my boyfriend because to me, not many people are worth fighting for. I did not know I was capable of loving someone so much while being completely myself. Putting someone else’s needs before mine is not something that I was familiar with before. But now that I am, I am willing to push. My limits have been extended. I know I can love more, give more and care more. Only as long as I do it for someone who deserves it.

You Learn to Justify Your Actions Using Your Zodiac

This is a funny one. I have lost the count of times I have seen people doing this (including myself). That meme about Susan not being a Scorpian but simply a b***h is right. When you are in a relationship with someone who is compatible with your zodiac sign, you learn to reason your actions using your astrological predictions. For example, when I am being straight-forward, I quickly pin it on the fact that I am a Libra woman. Then I would not justify myself by saying that I have adopted this attitude in my behaviour. Because I would much rather have something to blame it on than blame it on myself. (Hey, I am only human!)

Your Belief in the Universe May Grow

With atheism on the rise, not believing in the universe has become more of a trend than a practice. Accept it or not, every being is connected to the universe. This also means every human being is spiritual. But not everyone is spiritually awakened. When you enjoy a healthy relationship with someone who is of your zodiac compatibility, you begin to believe in spirituality. You get an assurance of the universe’s work. A real-life example – my boyfriend did not believe in spirituality or astrology before meeting me. But after experiencing astrological accuracy in the zodiac predictions, he became less of a sceptic and a little more of a believer.

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It May Not Always End Well

Dating according to your zodiac’s compatibility is wise. But it does not always work as you expect it to. Arranged marriages in India are a prime example of this.

Matching Kundalis is an important Hindu tradition. This means both the boy and the girl should have 36 matching qualities to have a happy married life. But even after all this, we see marriages breaking every day. In India, 13 in every 100 marriages break. Now, this may not be such a big number if you compare with that of the other countries’. It is still big considering the procedure we go through. So, I suggest you don’t rely too much on zodiac signs. Your relationship will work out fine if it is meant to be. And as cheesy as this may sound, always believe in your love!