Top 10 Most Romantic Places in the World for Your Next Couple’s Trip

This is it. You have finally reached a place in your relationship where you can find a certain amount of stability with your partner. Things are looking up. You are spending enough time with each and now you think that it is time for you to go to the next level. But you don’t want to seem too eager or ruin things by going too fast. In such a case, the safest thing to do is take a couple’s trip!

How do you know if you are ready for a couple’s trip yet?

The answer to this big question differs from couple to couple. Therefore, there is no definitive way or formula that can give you the assurance. However, there are a few factors that you can consider while making your travel decision.

  • Your partner makes you feel safe. You are absolutely sure that they are neither a psychopath nor a kidnapper.
  • They seem positive about the idea of travelling with you.
  • You have enough holidays saved up to apply for a long leave. And you are sure that it would be granted.
  • Your partner is ready to shell out the required amount for the trip and so are you.
  • The trip would not be a burden on any one of the partners financially
  • You are optimistic about the consequences of your trip

If you answered ‘yes’ for most of the above statements, you are ready to take a couple’s trip with your partner.

Now that you have decided to take the trip, you need to move forward and choose the destination. But there are approximately 200 countries and more than 50,000 cities in the world. And choosing one place out of them all seems like a huge task. You need to find a place that is in your best interest and not just the one that is economically friendly to you. Since it is a couple’s trip, let us be wise and narrow down your preferences by shortlisting only the most romantic places. Easy, right? Well, here are the top 10 most romantic places in the world for your next couple’s trip!

1. Guatemala – Bloom in the Midst of the Ruins

Guatemala is the perfect place for people who love to explore locations that have a geographical history. Home to the volcanoes and the Tikal ancient ruins, Guatemala is a great visit for the curious cat in you. However, there is more to it. This is also the same country where the first chocolate was introduced. Furthermore, you would find Guatemala to be even more intriguing if you love coffee as it is the largest exporter of coffee in the world.

The Romance of Guatemala –

Popular among honeymooners, most of the romantic attractions in Guatemala are its mountains, lakes and the farms. Just the kind of ideal desi romance that you would love.

2. Costa Rica – Let Your Love Brew Around the Coffee Fields

While we are on the subject, there is another country that produces some of the best coffees in the world. The place is blessed with a great variety of fauna as well as flora. Besides the interesting museums, Costa Rica is a home to the Manuel Antonio national park, as well. You would also find a beautiful pair of waterfalls here, which would fit in your itinerary perfectly. Costa Rica is a place for those couples who love a good adventure.

The Romance of Costa Rica –

Costa Rica is regarded as a tropical paradise. It does not matter if you are married or still defining your commitment status because this is a place for all. One of the foremost things that couples enjoy doing is sailing. Hiring a boat to get a soothing sunbath is the among the most popular couple activities of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is also a holiday destination where you would find the best assortment of couple resorts and hotels in the world as it is a popular honeymoon destination. Being an island, the hot water springs would pique your interest, too. Lastly, you can end your day by finding a beach that you can have all to yourself. No sharing there!

3. Bermuda – The Only Thing You Will Lose is Your Yourself

This British island on the continent of North America is an absolute penny saver. Not in the way you think. It actually offers you the best of both worlds. How, you ask? Well, the island houses a blend of the British and the American culture. So, if you have been making a bucket list of the places that you wish you travel to, this is the perfect opportunity to cross off two destinations at once. Caves, churches and museums are simply the beginning of it. There is a lot more to explore. And of course the beaches.

The Romance of Bermuda –

While you are here, experience the lifestyle of a typical Bermudian. The Bermudians love their couple spas. Rejuvenate at a spa resort with your loved one. Also, don’t forget to take a walk in the Lover’s Lane. Moreover, Bermuda also has a special something for its couple-travellers called the Moongates. The newlyweds come here to kiss each other because they believe it brings good luck. So, you might want to try your luck there.

4. Aruba – Maybe Have Yourself an Underwater Dive?

Aruba is popular for its Casibari rock formations. So, it is something that would interest a couple who has an admiration for geomorphology. However, Aruba would be an even more interesting holiday destination for those who love beaches. Being an island, this place has a number of beaches. And with every beach, comes a beautiful resort. Aruba is an ideal place to satisfy your appetite for water and water sports including scuba diving and snorkelling. Besides this, you would also find the Fontein Cave rock paintings at the Arikok national park as well as the Bubali bird sanctuary and the butterfly farm.

The Romance of Aruba –

Aruba is among the very few places in the world that offer adult-only vacation options. Hence, experience it all while you are here. The adult-only resorts provide you with an authentic couple’s vacationing, which includes private infinity pools for each room. Call for a romantic swim, doesn’t it? Furthermore, you can also buy a day’s pass to the Rennaisance Island to escape from your eventful itinerary where you can kick back and spend some time with your partner in a cabana while you indulge in a couple’s massage.

5. Barbados – A Magical Place Where the Fish Fly Without Redbull

Yeah, yeah! Beach is good, but what else should your couple’s trip have? How can you make it different from the usual one? Well, there are two things that make Barbados absolutely magical and extremely special. The first one is for the horticulture nerds out there who love everything floral. A tour of Hunte’s garden is something that you cannot miss out on. Right from picking you up from the hotel to dropping you back, Hunte’s staff takes care of everything. You get to visit the various forests of flowers and spot a delightful variety of birds and other creatures throughout the tour.

The second thing that separates Barbados from the other places on the list is… yup. You are right. The title gave it away. The flying fish, Bajan and Cou Cou, are a part of the traditional Barbadian cuisine. In fact, you can find these fish flying almost 200 feet above the surface of the water. Absolutely magical!

The Romance of Barbados –

Barbados is blessed in terms of its geography. So, you get to experience both the Atlantic sunrise and the Caribbean sunset in one day at the Barbados Boardwalk located on the southern coast. And if your love for alcohol cannot stop your cravings, you can always stop at the Mount Gay Rum Distillery for a relaxing cocktail tour. So, when are you setting off the sails?

6. Scotland – Wake Up to the Sound of the Bagpipe

That sounded a little stereotypical, didn’t it? But as Indians, that is probably the only popular fact that we have learnt about Scotland. And that is exactly the reason why you should consider going to Scotland for your next couple’s trip. This place is all about being happy. Therefore, you will find that Scotland is a home to various kinds of arts and artistic festivals. They love their music and dance. How do we know that? Well, their national animal is a unicorn. Yup, you can go back and read that again because it is a funny truth. Almost unbelievable.

The Romance of Scotland –

The Scottish romance is slightly more royal than that of us peasants’ (Just Kidding!), owing to its renowned royal history. So, don’t be surprised if you find as many castles in Scotland as you do in India. In fact, that picture above is from the Isle of Skye. It is a place with a very interestingly rocky landscape and a number of castles. Moreover, just to give you an idea about the couple-friendliness of this place, here is another piece of information that you would like. Scotland offers couple-jobs to its residents, so you can actually share not only a personal life but also a professional life with your partner.

7. Turkey – Where the Only Thing Sweeter than Your Love Would Be the Baklavas

Okay, that was cheesy. But Turkey is all about sweetness. Everything from their food to people is sweet. They are one of the more modern Islamic states who are rightly fond of all things excellent. When Zindagi began to air Turkish shows in India, the audience went gaga over the country. Indians loved the shows and the lifestyle shown in them. In fact, Turkey was added on the bucket list of many Indian women. And why not? It offers everything that every other place on the list does and yet manages to remain more magnetic than the others.

The Romance of Turkey –

Turkey is a country that flaunts a brilliant blend of Asian and European culture. It is traditional yet modern in many ways. While they may not believe in grand romantic gestures like Parisians or Italians, they prefer to keep it between the two by engaging in an intimate moment. Right from starting your day with a beaming sunrise at Mount Nemrut to enjoying a romantic hot air balloon ride at the sunset, you can do it all.

8. Croatia – For Your Love of Culinary Arts

You may not know the capital of Croatia (it is Zagreb, just so you know!) but you should know that it is the place for you if you are an ultimate foodie. Croatia is famous for its culinary arts. Kickstart your day with something that we refer to as fuel for humans – coffee, which is what Croatia is famous for. Then slowly indulge in a delicious breakfast, an assortment of bacon, eggs, beans, sausages and bread. A typical English breakfast. And as the sun sets in and it is time for lunch, you have a wide variety of grilled pork, beef, lamb and meat to choose from.

The Romance of Croatia –

A dedicated part of Croatia is that of the ancient ruins. The Roman architecture gives it a Game of Thrones kind of vibe, which, all the GOT fans would agree, is pretty awesome. And it is the same reason that the scenes of King’s Landing were shot there. So, if you and your partner are GOT enthusiasts, you would love to visit this place. Besides, you can either take a yacht and enjoy the sea or go for a bittersweet wine tasting. Alternatively, if you don’t feel the need to splurge, you can pack a picnic and spend your day on the Lokrum island.

9. Norway – Underneath the Northern Lights

Norway is a home to the Vikings, hiking and fishing. Oh and skiing, too. However, this place is more popular for the Northern Lights. In fact, most of its tourism occurs for this stunning, almost incredible natural phenomenon. But this is the only place where you can experience the Northern Lights in their full glory because the geography is just perfect here. A romantic camping under the lights is just the right way of spending your holiday.

The Romance of Norway –

While the Northern Lights sell themselves, there are some other reasons why Norway is an ideal destination for your next couple’s trip. Take a snowmobile for an unforgettable experience in the snow. And if you wish to do something even more unique, you can actually spend a romantic night in an igloo. What could be more intimate than this?

10. Sweden – The Most Perfect Country in the World. Literally!

Apart from having a capital that sounds like a syndrome (which is pretty interesting), Sweden offers great options for a couple’s trip. There is a reason that it is called the happiest place on earth. Also, Sweden is another place where you can experience the Northern Lights. Besides that, there are many other things to explore, including a handful of royal palaces.

The Romance of Sweden –

It does not matter if you are 20 or 81, straight or gay, male or female. You would enjoy Sweden equally no matter who you are. From having a Swedish brunch on a cruise to kayaking on the lake, there is nothing that you would not find here. And that is exactly why Sweden is such an ideal place for your next couple’s trip.

Do you have a favourite place to have a couple’s vacation? Write it down in the comment section below for your fellow readers.