12 Perks of Online Dating

In a better world, where we are seeking out the better ways of everything, dating cannot remain a miss. Online dating is a boon to modern society. Looking at the online dating statistical part, popular dating apps like Tinder, Happn, Woo, OkCupid, TrulyMadly, etc. are seeing a crazy hike in their customer base. With lots of apps crowding the digital space, online dating is experiencing an immense rise in its future scope. The best dating apps are using various features to point out your match within seconds. Despite all of this, the online dating culture is not into full throttle acceptance arena. Many people are still considering it as a threat to their privacy or are just finding it risky.

In the process to add sense to this vulnerable modern approach of dating, let us focus on certain perks of online dating.

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1. It opens up an ocean of options

Earlier, your life was restricted to schools or college or your colleagues. There was hardly anyone you knew or meet outside of your social circle. There was a limited set of options around you. Compromises were common because selections were must. Thanks to the digital age, nothing remained the same. People find it much alluring to get choosy and select from a variety of matchable candidates. You may like or chose somebody far beyond your social network.

Be it online dating applications or matrimonial sites or simply social media platform; you may feel the connection to anyone out of place and out of nowhere. And if you want an actual face-to-face dating interaction, no need for continuing your online communications endlessly. Instead, narrow your search to a specific set of “must-have” features. Talk to those who make it to the list. Go ahead and breathe.

2. Online dating brings two separate worlds together

Love attractions are not religion or caste or race dependent. In fact, opposites attract. Online dating gives a platform to voice your unbiased love to your kind of people from across the world. This system unites us in a unique way where our hearts do not distinguish much. You attempt to outlaw various stigmas at a single time. The tender feelings outweigh the orthodox view of society. You are in the process of opening your heart to someone giving you the tingling out-of-the-world feeling. This online dating concept has literally shrunk the world into a digital minion.

3. It helps to break the ice a lot easier

Since online daters share so much information about themselves in their respective profiles, it is easier to initiate the conversation and hit the right cords. For example, if you see in ‘someone’s profile that they like to watch horror genre movies, you can start it off by asking how he did, or she finds ‘the conjuring’ movie series and both can discuss on and on. You need to pull a Sherlock Holmes and guess more about your partner’s affinities.

4. You enjoy the freedom of expression

Dating becomes more fun when its mode becomes online. You feel like flying without any strings attached. No space for anxiety, nervousness, over-cautiousness, and no need to suffer any melodrama. Precisely, you have adequate freedom of expression. While dating online, the partners do not feel pressurized to express every emotion. The conversation instead becomes genuine and sailing. This liberty to be natural is very much needed for orchestrating the bond development between two interested parties. It is as if you are driving on a highway, enjoying the wind and moving at your own speed. This twosome ride is exhilarating and thrilling.

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5. You become almost omnipresent

Accessibility becomes way too easy and under control. Being busy and not able to see each other does not remain a bother anymore. You can chit chat about your daydreams and troubles any time of the day or can say, night. Your rush hours or far away abode has become a trivial matter concerning online dating. Giving time to your digital love affair has never been this easy. Picking hot spots to meet at or family forbidding you to step out is not hampering your love life anymore. In some sense, you are available everywhere (of course, your Internet services or connecting gadget must be present along with you).

6. Online dating means leaving the orthodox behind

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a healthy and growing family environment around them. There are still many of us who are surviving a constricted mindset of family values. Following a set of conservative traditions as laid by generations and unable to move on to a sensible and constructive living approach, many people tend to suffocate, suppress, and box their emotions and dreams somewhere else. But the foray of online dating has given them wings. They are daring to love and feel loved in a safe and secure corner of their lives. They are able to make choices, display their true selves, and lead a dream life behind the lens. Online dating is a game-changer for them, at least for a while.

7. It is safer than it appears

In the times of exaggerated cases of frauds, nuisances, blackmailing, relationship burglary, forced relationships, etc., online dating approach is a somewhat safe mode of knowing each other. Yes, there have been plenty of scary stories about online dating, but as of now, it can be termed as a safer option than meeting a random stranger out in the open.

The things you want to reveal or keep hidden is entirely your decision. You are dating someone completely unknown. Definitely, as a mature move, you need not share any of your data until and unless you are convinced enough about the authenticity of your online partner. You can keep your pictures, contact details, address, and family details intact in your hands. Generally, people search through the databases of social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. as well, to check the authenticity of the partner on the other side.

One can exercise control in delivering only the necessary information required. In any case, prevention is always better than a complaint. Online dating sites have lots of safety features to protect their customers. These include 24/7 customer and help support, moderators to remove fake profiles, and tabs to block and report abusive members. Some sites also verify or do background checks on every member so as to prove their identity match with whatever mentioned in their profile.

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8. Online dating may eliminate stress and anxiety

Many a time, when you have started one relationship, you might find it near to end too soon. Speculations reveal that generally, it happens when either A. You are too good at reading incompatible people around you or B. you are too immature to handle or show the feelings in the natural passionate way. Your spiking anxieties eventually disrupt your two-way communication. But if you are into online dating, bid adios yo these roadblocks. Human psychology plays, and you are in an extremely comfortable zone where you need not confront each other face to face. You can spill your heart and mind out without any fear or complex.

9. It is an easy loyalty tester

If you somehow want to check the loyalty of your partner’s character, it becomes much easier for you in the online dating system. You can impersonate anybody or become whoever you want and ring your partner’s bell. If you are good with words and acting, your partner would be substantially scrutinized without even a hunch of your motive. You need not employ other people to become a part of your saga.

10. You spend a lot less on online dating

Have you ever heard of cost-effective relationship? Well, here is what you need to know. This method of dating asks for the least investment of money on a budding relationship. You get an ample volume of time and space to know about each other. Choosing more carefully who you go out with means you waste fewer dates and invest less time. You need not spend extravagantly on organizing candlelight luxury diners or any musical evening involving exorbitant elements or trips which may cost you dearly. You can abstain from buying expensive gifts for your prince or princess charming for a while. At the stage of online dating, words and feelings hold more value comparatively.

Using innovative apps and sending e-gifts or e-wishes holds the potential of bringing you much closer to each other. There are various affordable dating websites which even offer you trial offers wherein you can zero-in some potential partners good-to-go with. There is always a premium membership option where you can get some advanced search features, but it will definitely cost you cheaper than buying drinks and lavish meals or entry tickets for clubbing, right? Online proposals are not uncommon these days. It saves times and money considerably.

11. Breaking up is less hurtful

Breaking up with your partner always brings irreparable grief but detaching on an online platform makes it slightly more comfortable to be absorbed. The online platform is a volatile one where things might end and start back to back because of the vast numbers of users on either side. You’d hesitate less in initiating it with some other app user. And you would not mind much since you never got involved physically, and you might never be coming across your online-ex any time again without your consent. Also, you might overcome the grimly consequence of your relationship easily with time and well, online dating apps.

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12. The thrill and excitement does not go away quickly

At this specific point, online dating stands at par with an arranged marriage. There is a vast ocean of things to know about your partner in question. Lots of thrills and excitement awaits. The more you know each other, the more you will realize how well tuned you both are. Currently, you might be friends with benefits, but if you get struck by the cupid’s bow, you might turn into souls with the connection.

Several apps and match-making websites have incorporated features which enable you to check for the compatibility points. Few of them also allow you to record and maintain your tuned frequency moments. You can have a checklist of your own to click and save the notable incidents. The online dating process is not meant to be rushed into. You are free to use your time and know your partner’s likes and dislikes, turn-ons and turn-offs, preferences, passions and hobbies, work, academics, anything you wish. It would always be a thrilling ride for you.

Difference Between Traditional and Online Dating

It is true that your relationship will rarely get boring very quickly if you met your partner through online dating. There would be a sense of warmth and cosiness, even in words like ‘hmmm,’ ‘ok,’ ‘ohk,’ ‘okay,’ and ‘kk’ will hold a different meaning to each of them. And this is because you are accustomed to conversing over texts more than in person. Voice and video calls will wire your feelings unconsciously. And you will pay heed to all of the minute details involved in your online conversations, to interpret your partner even more. Since you are going to take it slow, there would always be bundles of information in store for you.

Traditional dating makes you put a lot more effort into your relationship because you have to start from scratch. You have to start from “What do you like doing in your free time?” to “where are you from?”

However, it is crucial to remember that online dating is best used as a resource to meet individuals for eventually facing each other in real date set-up. Keeping that goal in mind will prevent you from pondering over the drawbacks and limitations of dating online.

What are some other perks of online dating according to you? Write them down in the comment section below for your fellow readers!