Signs You Are Ready For A Long Distance Relationship

Many times couples involved in relationships face hard times at some point. This is the testing phase of their relationship where they would either survive or just break up. While some couples try to mend things, some mutually decide to part ways. Breakups can be heart-breaking be it in the long term or short term relationship. But that’s how it is, and we all have to accept it.

We all want to stay close to our partners and live with every moment with them. However, it’s not possible for many couples as they have to maintain a long distance relationship. This usually happens when you and your partner are living in different cities or different countries. And this situation doesn’t arise only because of the work; it might be due to your family, your studies and anything else. This is one of the most challenging phases of your relationship. Long-distance relationships are a bit tricky and tough to handle than regular ones. But that doesn’t mean you can’t.

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Embracing the Distance When in a Long-Distance Relationship

There’s a wonderful saying, “If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.” Sounds a bit filmy, right?

Living together with your beloved is very easy, but living separately from your partner is the most challenging thing to do.

It might be difficult for both you and your partner to stay apart. At one point, you will feel angry, frustrated, also cry like a baby, feel lonely because you can’t see your beloved for days. But a little bit of patience can work out best for you. But it all works out if you and your partner are ready to take it up as a challenge and fulfil it successfully. If you only see positive things in this, you and your partner can live like this for several years and still be happy as ever. In fact, before your wait comes to an end to be together, your partner will be with you.

You can’t expect things to be as normal as they were before all of a sudden immediately after you both start living separately. Initially, situations will be difficult. You won’t stop missing your partner. Give it some time and then see how things work out. Getting emotional for every little thing will make your partner emotional, too. You both might get frustrated. Don’t let that happen.

Now a lot of things are involved in such kind of relationships. One is the situation where both you and your partner are already in a long distance relationship since you started dating. Or it may be when one of you moves to a different city or country for studies or work. So if you’re already staying apart since the beginning, it won’t be that difficult. But after being together for several years and meeting each other every day, this situation can be a bit challenging.

Well, in such a situation, opting for a long distance relationship is a huge step. Things can change suddenly, and you will come to know where your relationship is heading to.

So before deciding to take this step, there are several signs which you might come across. This will make you understand whether you’re ready for it or not. You’ll ask several questions to yourself if you are prepared for it or not? If it’s worth taking a risk? If you can trust your partner for this? Will this work out? If you’re ready for it, then you’ll try to figure out solutions to make it work out. It’s necessary to find answers to these questions, and that’s when you are good to go ahead.

Even once you decide for it, you or your partner might give it a thought again. That’s when you start losing your confidence. Never let this happen. In such a situation, you just need to move ahead and never look back or regret it. You should just stop thinking about it and focus on the positive things. Try to create a joyous atmosphere around your partner. Think that it was one of the best decisions you and your partner ever made for each other.

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Here are some of the signs which indicate that you are ready to stay apart from your beloved yet together:

1. You don’t feel the need to be with each other all the time

This is one of the important signs you are ready for a long distance relationship. It can be beneficial for you and your partner. Even if you’re staying close by and you don’t feel the need to be with each other all the time, this is a great sign to opt for long distance relationship. If you and your partner are independent enough, then you’re definitely ready for it. This is a major sign of maturity which both you and your partner have, and it can help you a lot. Even if you are staying apart, you can survive, live a normal life and enjoy it.

2. Both of you have excellent communication skills

Another most important sign you are ready for a long distance relationship is communication. Communication is vital in any relationship to keep it going. If there’s no communication, it can lead to various problems and misunderstandings too. Sometimes, you may end up losing your beloved. Well, both of you can survive a long distance relationship happily if you are good at communication. Constantly being in touch with each via phones, messages and video calls is the best way. Telling your minutest problem to your partner, discussing your feelings can help you both. Making your partner feel secure both mentally and physically through communication can work wonders. Whenever in doubt, just grab your phone and talk it out. Never hesitate to express yourself and your opinions to your partner. You never know your biggest problems can be solved in minutes by your beloved.

3. When you both expect the same things

Maintaining a long distance relationship should be a mutual decision. If it’s a forced one, it may not survive for a long time. You or your partner may end up feeling lonely, and that’s when you will have to break up. There will be lots of blame games in such a situation. So, this will only work if both will have the same goals and know what you expect from each other. This is the driving force, and both will be taking the same efforts to make it work out. So, if both of your expectations are the same, this is a clear sign you are ready for a long distance relationship.

4. No comparison with other relationships

Not all relationships are the same and go through the same problems as you do. Comparing your relationship with others can invite problems for both of you. It’s like you’re considering others’ relationship superior to yours. There are many who don’t have to stay apart and live a happy life. But if you have to do it, then don’t compare it with others. It will simply make you frustrated, and you won’t be happy. You might feel lonely during special days, but that should stop you from living a happy life. You can’t always have things that others have. If you get to pass through this phase, it’s a sign that you are ready for a long distance relationship.

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5. You’ve immense faith and trust in each other

This is one of the major factors that play a vital role when a couple decides to go a long distance relationship. Loyalty is paramount in every relationship, and that is what keeps two people together. When you love someone, you blindly trust your partner for everything. You can only decide to go for a long distance relationship when you both don’t have any trust issues. Make each other realize how much you both trust each other.

6. Understanding that physical relationship is only one of the many aspects that keep two people together

Dating someone is not only about roaming around, watching movies, shopping, going on fancy lunch and dinner dates or exchanging gifts. It involves many other aspects which make you want to be with your beloved for the rest of your life. One of the important factors which play a vital role in binding two people together is physical intimacy. Once you start experiencing this, you will feel like you’re living in a world of dreams. But once you go on a long distance relationship, this won’t be possible.

This will be one thing which you both will miss the most. Well, emojis and smileys can never replace the soft kisses, cuddles and hugs. But if you get through this and understand that it is one aspect that keeps two people together, you’ll never face any problems. No matter how far you and your partner are, but you’ll still feel close to each other. Considering this particular aspect and acting with maturity is a clear sign you are ready for a long distance relationship.

7. You don’t mind spending time with other people

For many couples, it’s all about being together with each other all the time. It’s like they can’t get enough of each other and they want to live in their sweet world. They don’t want to lose any chance to be together. These types of couples simply don’t want to dedicate their time to their friends and family. For them, social life doesn’t exist. It’s like you can’t enjoy anything without your partner. If you or your partner is like this, then you can’t survive a long distance relationship.

But with some people, they seem to be pretty independent. They don’t mind socializing and having fun in their way with friends and family. They like to give themselves some time and do stuff alone. Such people take out time by engaging in new hobbies, partying, travelling alone or with friends and family and live a happy life. This type of approach can be beneficial for such couples. They can easily live two different lives and enjoy them. If you’re ready for this, then go ahead with it. When both you and your partner have no issues living such a life, it is a major sign you are ready for a long distance relationship.

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8. You have a strong bond with your family and friends

There are many couples who are always in their zone once they start dating. For them, it’s all about being with each other. It’s like you don’t need your family or friends since you have your partner. However, in such circumstances, if either you or your partner decide to go for a long distance relationship, it will be tough for you both. But if you’re good at maintaining friendly relations with your family and friends and have a social life, it will help you survive. After all, they are the ones who will be supporting you in your difficult times when your partner is away from you. Also, it won’t make you feel lonely since you have your near and dear ones with you. If you realize this, it will be pretty easy for you to spend those years with your partner.

Long Distance Relationships Are Equally Healthy and Normal

There are many couples who refrain from taking this step, thinking that things won’t work out for them. However, if you focus on the positive signs and mentally prepare each other, things might work out. There’s nothing big deal about it, and many couples are successfully handling long distance relationships. Some opt for the same even after being married, and kids and they are one happy family.

These days, many couples across the world are ready to give a long distance relationship a try. In such cases, both the partners are ready for it, and they equally extend their support. Being in a long distance relationship is not a compulsion, but when the need arises, there is no harm in doing it. It might be for a short term or long term, depending on the situation. However, things tend to change during this particular period. So, you and your partner should accept and welcome that change and continue to live.

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The above-mentioned points are the clear signs that you’re good to go to handle a long distance relationship. You will see all these signs only when you attain a certain level of maturity in yourself. Being childish won’t work for you and your partner. So folks, take the right step at the right time.

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