Stages Of Every Relationship – This Will Happen to You

Relationships are very unique in their own way. When you start dating, you have lots of expectations from your partner. Some get fulfilled, while some expectations come crashing. You need to know that not everyone is perfect and you need to work on it. Things may go haywire, but it is your duty to make it work out.

Everyone’s experience of being in a relationship is different from others. You can’t compare it with your fellow friend’s relationship. Once you start understanding this, you are mature enough to know where your relationship is heading and how you can deal with it.

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The period when you start dating someone, your relationship goes through various ups and downs, and there are different stages of every relationship. This can happen both in the long term and short term relationships. These stages of every relationship will make couples understand on which level it has reached.

Some relationships tend to end even before they pass through all the stages. This can happen when you develop differences between you and your partner. In the case of some relationships, the couples successfully reach the last level where they live happily ever after. Not many are successful with this, but if you are, then you’re lucky enough. Also, some relationships are unpredictable.

We come across lots of couples; especially the lovey-dovey ones whom we think might end up marrying. But sometimes, they part ways a few years later. This can be pretty shocking. While there are some whom we feel that their relationship won’t last long, these kinds of couples are happily married.

A lot of factors are considered when relationships don’t last long. Cheating, the difference of opinion in everything, incompatibility, goals are different and many more. However, there are few traits which can keep you and your partner together and live with each other happily. This happens when you successfully pass all the stages of a relationship. This makes you happy and confident enough to be with each other for the rest of your lives.

So, there are nine stages in every relationship that are experienced by all the couples. Some pass these nine stages, while some don’t. Let’s get you through these stages of every relationship, and you will find your own relationship stage here which will help you understand your love life better.

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Stage 1: Attraction or the infatuation stage

The beginning stage of every relationship starts from right here. It all starts when you find someone who is too attractive, and you can’t stop yourself from thinking about that person. This type of infatuation makes you want to be with that person all the time. You will skip your heartbeat the moment he/she is around and can’t stop looking at him/her. Your feelings for that person are so strong that you forget all the flaws and just focus on all the good things about that person. This stage can last for quite some time or can vanish with time.

Stage 2: Stage of understanding each other

Now that you know who your heart wants to be with, that is when you start thinking deeply about that person. You try to know more about that person from his friends, family, and colleagues. Moreover, you will personally talk to each other and know about each other’s likes, dislikes, life goals, hobbies, etc. You might also want to travel together, go on frequent lunch and dinner dates, know each other’s birthdays and make each other feel special. Talking to each other via phones and messages is at a peak in this stage. Communication is the best way to help understand each other.

Stage 3: A stage of conflict and disturbances

Now as you get to know each other, you will also start having a difference of opinion in many situations. This might lead to fights or conflicts where both can lose temper. There will be lots of disagreements. However, you need to get pass through it as it is just a passing phase which all the couples experience it. But instead of arguing on it, you and your partner need to find a solution for it. Talk to each other and solve it. There is no point in stretching the argument further.

Stage 4: Opinionated stage

This is a stage where you know each other properly and start to make opinions about each other. Your expectations from each other will increase day by day, and you will want them to be fulfilled by your partner. However, problems might arise when your opinion about your partner differ. This might create a rift between you two or leave you all happy. For example, you like to have pizzas, and you make an opinion that your partner doesn’t. But if he/she happily haves it with you, you will feel happy. Sometimes your assumptions might make you happy or leave you depressed.

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Stage 5: The adjustment stage

In this stage, since you’re pretty sure about each other, you will expect a lot of changes and adjustments from your partner. However, this should be from both sides. If you expect a certain change from your partner, he/she too will expect the change. So in this case, it is important that both equally make adjustments and sacrifice certain things for each other. This can be a crucial time for both you and your partner. Some can easily pass through this stage as they don’t mind making adjustments or slightly changing themselves. While some couples are too stubborn and they don’t really accept these changes quickly. It is hard for both of them to convince each other to change.

Stage 6: The happy-go-lucky stage

If you and your partner successfully pass stage 5, this means, both of you are madly in love and can do anything to be with each other. Changes, adjustments, and sacrifices don’t matter, and you are happily ready to do it to make your partner happy. This is one happy stage of your relationship where you’re in a blissful relationship. You’re just living every moment with each other and helping your love grow every day.

Stage 7: Stage of doubts

This stage is drawing you and your partner to your final destination where you can live happily ever after. But while you are happy being with each other and everything is going well, you might develop doubts about your partner. Well, if you love someone, that doesn’t mean you can never have doubts about your partner. Such thoughts strike in your mind on how much happy are you with your partner. Or how your relationship is going. You might get a rush of thoughts in your mind about your partner’s exes and past relationships. And in this stage, even if there is a minute thing which makes you unhappy, you will start doubting on your partner. You get all depressed and start thinking more deeply about your relationship.

During this time, you keep comparing your relationship with others. Instead of focusing on good things, you can only find flaws. You start thinking about whether your relationship will last or not. It is a critical phase and support from your partner is all you expect from him/her.

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Stage 8: Exploring your physical relationship

This is one of the most important stages of any relationship. This stage can be pretty interesting and beautiful if you want. But if there is a difference of opinion between you and your partner, problems might arise. While you are ready to take your relationship to the next level, your partner is not. Physical intimacy helps in making the bond stronger. Once you get yourself used to it, you will find all kinds of happiness in this. You would want to frequently indulge in it because that is what gives you peace. However, in this case, both you and your partner should have similar views.

If one of you lose the interest, then the other might feel depress and end up having an affair. You might lose your beloved. The idea of having sex can be amazing, but both you and your partner should mutually agree for it. If one doesn’t, try to convince or give some time to think about it. Arriving on conclusions or forcing each other can make things worse.

Stage 9: The final stage of gaining complete trust

This is the final stage for every couple, which they have successfully passed. It may take years for many couples to arrive at this stage. But for some, they will reach here pretty soon. It can vary from couple to couple. In this final stage, your relationship has reached a peak. Everything is going well, you have explored each other almost completely, and there is a lot of trust. You are a hundred percent sure about spending the rest of your life with each other. In this stage, you know your relationship is going on the right track. You just need to keep making efforts to make it work out smoothly for the rest of your life. Your relationship is stable. You know each other very well, be it in terms of behaviour, nature or anything else.

This stage is pretty pleasant and relaxing, but sometimes couples tend to take each other for granted. Just when things are going well and smooth, one of them starts taking advantage of it and this can cause problems.

You and your partner need to understand that as there is no trouble in your relationship, that doesn’t mean you stop putting efforts. A relationship needs to be continuously nourished. You and your partner will have to do this collectively. Rekindle your romance from time to time, appreciate your partner for every little thing that he/she does, giving surprises can never harm, keep exploring new things together, take out time for each other in your busy, hectic schedules. Also, never stop communicating be it indulging in good/positive talks or sharing your problems. All these things will matter to you and your partner. This will keep your relationship lively and happy like before.

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Every Relationship Needs the Same Things

The above nine stages of every relationship are crucial for couples to experience. After passing each stage, they will know where they are heading to. They will fall more in love with their partner as they cross each stage.

Every relationship needs time to grow, and it is the couple’s responsibility to help it grow. Patience also plays an important role. Also, being supportive of your partner will give him/her the strength. If one loses interest, the other too will do the same. And be you know, your relationship will be over.

I am sure many of you must have gone through these stages, and everyone’s experience will differ. But this is how you learn. If you’ve failed in one relationship, don’t lose hope. You will definitely end up meeting your Mr or Mrs Right someday.

So for the ones who are already in a long term relationship must have crossed many of the above stages and living a happy and successful life. But the ones who have just started dating or are waiting for their right partner, you too will go through these stages someday.

Finding Your Way Through the Relationship

The ones who are in a long term relationship or short term relationship, this particular article will help you. It will help you find on which stage your relationship has reached. It will also give you advance tips about how to deal with your relationship further and make it a successful one.

So, folks, everything happens for your own good. Every relationship has its own beauty and amazing facts which make it different from the others. If love has come your way, respect it, take care of it and don’t let it go. Falling in love is the most beautiful feeling ever, and you will find the world more beautiful than it ever was. So grab your partner’s hand and keep travelling in this fascinating journey together till you reach your final destination.

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What are your thoughts on these beautiful stages of every relationship? Write them down in the comment section below for your fellow readers!