The Current Dating Trends in India

Have you been out of the dating scene for some time? Has it been long enough for you not to know what’s cooking? We have got you covered. I don’t know about you, but there have been too many changes in the dating scene. A lot has changed in just two years. That is a long time considering how short people’s attention span has become. People have moved from Vicky Kaushal to Siddhant Chaturvedi in just a couple of months. It is difficult to keep up. But I have tried my best to sum up everything I could. India is changing every second. And why not? We are such a huge country that there is always something new to witness. But I did some work for you and found out what’s trending. It took me more than a few videos and hours of Instagram surfing, but I ultimately found great things. Interesting things that you will definitely love. Safe to say that India mein fog ke alawa bahot kuch chal raha hain. Read on to know what the current dating trends in India are.

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1. Instant photos of every moment

This has been going around for some time now. If your Instagram is flooding with instant photos of couples, you are not the only one. Instant photos are in fashion. We are a generation that demands haste. Our technology speaks for us. Look at our phones. We need faster phones with lightning fast cameras. And we are the same generation that gets extremely nostalgic at the sight of old stuff. So naturally, when we got our hands on instant cameras, we went gaga over them. Instant cameras give us instant memories in print. They were bound to be popular. In fact, companies who manufacture these cameras have experienced a hike in sales. Their revenues have gone up by 15.6%. They are making big money now because we practically revived them. Everyone wins!

2. Moving on in a jiffy

It is called Grande-ing. Don’t laugh yet because it is a funny truth. Head to YouTube or Apple Music right now if you still have not somehow heard ‘Thank u, next.’ It created ripples in the music industry. And it found its way in regular people’s lives, too. People are quoting the lyrics from the song every day. It is all over social media. The song gave strength to people to move on from their breakups. And that is how it has become the current dating trend in India.

We have so many options these days that we don’t value relationships like before. You can find a new partner in one swipe. There is no need to go out and know people anymore. Everything is literally at your fingertips. And that has made us feel less afraid of losing people. We are moving on quicker than ever. No wonder Fastrack is earning so much!

3. Movies are okay; bowling is better

I think we can all agree that the number of bowling alleys in our cities has increased. So many sports bars are coming up with their own bowling spaces. This is a major sign of westernisation. After all, bowling is a game of the west. And we can’t seem to have enough of it.

Several couples prefer having their dates at an arcade game centre or bowling alleys over movie theatres. People are becoming increasingly fond of adventure. I also feel this has more to do with the changing face of society. Earlier, couples felt the need to hide in the dark movie halls. But now, we are more liberal, and things are more open. So, individuals don’t mind hanging out in plain sight.

4. Niceness is another one of the current dating trends in India

Bye-bye playing hard to get, hello amiability! No one wants to be around a person who is too inaccessible. As mentioned earlier, finding a partner is too easy these days. So why spend time courting someone who gives you a hard time? And that is why people are becoming nicer. Politeness is replacing insolence. If you put the whole wave of aggressive feminism aside, you will see that the real women are acknowledging men’s feelings. Only if they are honest. They respect them even if they refuse. Similarly, men feel the need to become gentler. Remember the time when men held the key to everything? Not anymore. Men have become nicer than before. More chivalrous. They are not insecure about their masculinity nor do they feel emasculated if a woman takes the front seat in life. And that’s a beautiful thing.

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5. Premarital sex isn’t taboo

Just last week a film about live-in was released. And being a woman, my mom is more in favour of live-in relationships than an arranged marriage. This only shows that our thinking pattern is changing. Having sex before marriage is okay. And unmarried couples don’t mind booking hotel rooms to do it. Women don’t need to cover their faces while booking the room and men needn’t strike a deal with the hotel manager anymore. It is chill!

If you have been away from the dating scene for some time, this is good news for you. Sex isn’t taboo anymore. So if you are thinking of getting back into the game, you won’t have to feel guilty about something that is natural.

6. Benching is becoming a thing

Remember the meme with the boy eyeing at another girl while holding his girlfriend’s hand? That was inspired by the current dating trend. Not just in India, but everywhere else. Gone are the days when people would give all their attention to one person. We get bored easily. We keep looking for something more interesting and adventurous than what we have.

Benching is when you like someone, but you are not sure about them, so you bench them. You don’t tell them no or let them go. But you don’t tell them yes either. Basically, you don’t make your relationship a concrete one. Even if you plan to keep it a secret.

7. Stalking exes/orbiting is a norm

You must definitely know how the moon orbits around the earth if you paid attention in geography class. That is where the term comes from. Orbiting is a new trend in the dating scene in India. All thanks to social media. Who knew that calling each other Sherlock for digging out dirt was going to become a fad? But orbiting does not just mean you are stalking your ex. It also means that you stay in their lives like a ghost. You don’t unfollow or unfriend them. But you don’t leave a like or comment on their pictures either. You just keep yourself up-to-date with their life without you.

Orbiting has become a norm now. People might do it to out of curiosity or jealousy. And sometimes, it is just because they want to, without having a real intention. But the point is that people don’t believe in cutting the ties. And I, for one, am guilty of this. I lurk around in my exes’ social media, so I have all the gossip first hand. No, it is not about being a loner. It is just about being aware. Don’t judge me. Stahppp!!

8. Proposing means getting married now

We are all guilty of doing this. I don’t know whether we should laugh at our dumbness or facepalm at our naivety. Perhaps a long sigh would do for now. We actually referred to ‘asking someone to date’ as proposing. Like what in the world?! And no one corrected anyone. People continued to say the wrong thing while everyone nodded normally. Fortunately, we are over that phase. Well, almost over. Some people still call it that. But we should be grateful to the overexposure of the internet. We have finally learnt the difference. Now, people don’t confuse the two. We know that ‘proposing’ is restricted to a marriage proposal while ‘asking out’ is for dating only.

9. Dating for attention

Yup, people do this. The internet can be deceiving. Not everyone is as happy as they portray. People are dating for attention now. You could be dating someone famous or popular. You could even be dating someone who is liked by someone you don’t like, simply to make them jealous. But you don’t date because you want to. You date because you want to show someone or the world that you are dating this particular person. AND you are happy. That is the crucial part.

10. Friends-with-Benefits are increasing

Not sure if it is the movies that are being made or people are actually comfortable with the concept, but having friends-with-benefits has become a thing these days. You could have one or multiple friends from whom you are getting the benefit. The truth is, we like having options. It gives us control over our freedom. Also, I think people like not having to answer to anybody while still having the perks of a relationship. Although some people don’t approve of this arrangement, I strongly believe, who are we to judge? To each, his own. Especially in a world like ours where we are becoming increasingly sensitive towards the other person’s feelings.

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11. Dating by choice

Speaking of being sensitive, this is the best thing that has happened in recent times. It is like a silver lining to a dark cloud. After all the bad and negative trends, there is something that we can finally cherish.

DATING BY CHOICE! It means dating who you want, when you want, and if you want.

We know what dating ‘who you want means.’ And honestly, more power to the rainbow troop. But did you know that there are people who wish to take their sweet time with dating? In fact, there are people who don’t want to date at all because they are asexual. We are yet to acknowledge them completely. But we are slowly moving toward it.

We are choosing to date on our own terms. We are not willing to let anybody take that from us. And that is the best dating trend in India. We should all be proud of it!

What are some other dating trends in India right now? Write down your responses in the comment section below for your fellow readers!