15 Types of Women in a Relationship

For a man, the path to finding the “one” often involves meeting different types of women. It involves understanding what their relationship for her is. And psychologists think that every girl can be classified under a particular type. While everyone is unique, we have managed to classify all the women that men are likely to find into 15 categories.

Women are so diverse. They are all unique. Therefore, in this article, I am going to tell you about the different types of women in relationships, how they behave in relationships, or how they behave with their partners. I can not deal with all of them, but these are the most common. All women are unique in their respective meanings. There is no way to classify them. But when men come into the picture and when it is about being a woman in a relationship, there is scope to categorise ‘girlfriends’ on how they specifically carry the role.

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1. The Darling Denise

This one is adorable. She takes care of you like family. She loves to express her love and has many lovely nicknames. This woman is sweet, loyal, innocent, and a good listener. She is all her girlfriend or woman like movies of the ’90s. This woman is the one who needs to know whether you have had your dinner or had a good night’s sleep. She is also the one who will patiently listen to the issues of the lover and try to solve them. She will help in the examination or help prepare for the meeting of the board. This type of woman in a relationship is the ultimate guide to trusting a man at all times. A relationship for her is the biggest thing in her life.

2. The Chilled Out Camilla

She is the best. She plays video games, probably swears a lot. This type of women is not afraid of dirt and dust, talks really well with friends, and her partner’s friends also like her very much. She is safe in the relationship because she is just as cold as this. She does not ask for her partner social media password or asks many questions about where you are going or whom you are meeting. Of course, she wants her lover to be loyal to her, but she has no shortcoming in the activities of her life. In return, she needs the same side of freedom from her lover. This type of girlfriend has a healthy social life outside the relationship.

3. The Sarcastic Sneh

She is brilliant and funny too. This woman has a great sense of humour to the extent of raising eyebrows in public about her fiery, sarcastic accent. She is intelligent and is somewhat repeater. Not everybody can understand it, but those who praise her honesty can understand her at one time. If one takes time to peel away the layers of sarcasm, she is indeed a very loyal and kind person. Call it social inaction or brutal honesty; she says she only feels it with a pinch of salt.

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4. The Fashionable Frieda

A fashionable woman is quite self-expositive. This is a woman who loves to shop, wears fancy designer clothes. And yes, she has a good sense of fashion. She always follows the trend in fashion. This woman almost always wears high heels and make-up and does not hold that just-woke-up look from the bed. She is likely to understand her partner’s style, and in general, she has high expectations for people. This kind of girl is sometimes selfish, but she looks so good that if you are a girl, you want to look like her, and if you are a boy, you want to throw her shoulders around her.

5. The Nerdy Nina

This type of woman is a genius type. She is able to give opinions in almost everything, and she spends her free time reading novels, biographies and good books. She doesn’t necessarily hate fashion, but she doesn’t pay much attention to it. This woman is usually kind, but her studies come first, and the relationship for her comes next. She is likely to have high dreams, and when she fails academically, she can low her self-confidence. This type of woman secretly tells other girls ‘normal’ girls, although she claims that she is currently not interested in love nor in a relationship. A relationship for her is no big deal, and she always tries to break free.

6. The Elegant Ellie

Classy woman is always taking her personality high. She is a high maintenance person. Thsi woman loves fashion, has a eye for designer shoes in chic dinner parties, and there is never a bad make-up day. She is bubbly, friendly and quite selfish but always smells good. She does party a lot with their partner or friends. This woman always wants to look at her partner as classy as her. If she knows one thing very well, then it looks good. She will help you start by dressing upon any occasion, being your partner at any office party. If you’re into a life of classy dinners and sexy lingerie, don’t let that go.

7. The Possessive Pamela

The possessive Pamela is a woman who never wants to see her partner with any other woman. She is the one who wants to know everything about her lover. Starts what he does and who he is meeting at every hour of the day. She gets jealous very quickly, but a beak on the cheek and a few words of reassurance calm her down quickly. This woman is sensitive and is somewhat clingy. She feels that she has love and cares for her man in her heart, but she is unaware of how to balance those heavy feelings with her innate insecurities. She always wants to make her partner ready for marriage.

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8. The Adventurous Aria

The adventurous woman has the same love for those things that man also love. She is sporty, and she will be happy to have a date that includes camping or hiking or fishing or doing something new. Living with this type of girl is very fun, and she can easily jump into the conversation of people. She doesn’t really care how she dresses and has no problem getting her hands dirty. She may be more male than female friends because let’s face it; most girls don’t like what she likes to do. She loves travelling, and she watches science fiction movies and thinks they are cool.

9. The Ambitious Alia

These women are very ambitious for their work or goals. An ambitious woman is a typical leader in your relationship, not you. She is the one who takes the wheel, and she gives priority to the life of her work. This woman has grand dreams, and for some people, she can be the obnoxious type who is selfish and mean. She works hard, perhaps very difficult, that ends with being a true friend. She will have high expectations for those with whom she is close, and she can befriend you because you are beneficial for her in some ways.

10. The Dissatisfied Delilah

Unsatisfied woman means she is always comparing herself or her partner to others. She is not easily satisfied with life, and she likes to correct everything according to her way. This woman is a bit selfish. And she may not see any harm in her ragging when she harasses other people. She is easily jealous of other people who have a better life than a better boyfriend, a better job and anything. It is difficult to live with this type of girl, especially when she is not happy with anything.

11. The Judgmental Judy

She will judge all your affairs! Nothing is ever good for her. Even look at your ex-girlfriend and ask you if you were intoxicated the whole relationship because she was not very good for you. According to her, she is the real deal. She misbehaves with other girls. She is the one who will be heard criticising other women as they pass by. In her eyes, everyone is just wrong, so everything she does is considered the right thing to do. The truth is that which is one with all the insecurities of the world.

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12. The Gossip Grace

This type of woman talks a lot about her friend, friend of her friend, friend of her friend’s boyfriend and cousin of that guy. All of her stories seem to be about someone in a bad situation, that your girlfriend can show sympathy while she secretly does a better job than them. You break up with her after she starts fantasising about jealousy, which at least was focused on you. You will find her at all the most happening places in the city and at the events of hunting for that famous or popular person.

She does not care whether you are married or not, as long as you are a good listener and she will probably try to surround your friends to say that she is with it! Marriage is the biggest thing for her. These girls like to talk because they want to tell their man everything they know about other people. And it’s not always good. This woman doesn’t do evil to other people, and she loves to talk.

13. The Dramatic Diana

This girl is exciting, and it’s never boring around her. But soon you realise that riding her emotional roller coaster every day is tiring. After some breakup/make-up chakras, you find yourself agitated in case of anxiety. At least she was consistent. When you break the relationship with her, the sight is horrifying. But it’s strange how she starts dating the guy the next day from her building. There is never a dull moment with these girls because they are so emotional. And the relationship is never really easy. They are not difficult to get anywhere, but at the same time, they often create plays when there is no good reason for it. These couples can start dating and break up many times.

14. The Innocent Isla

This type of woman is very cute and innocent. Innocent woman believes in almost everything, and she probably will not feel any hidden agenda of others. She is lovely, and people can easily fall in love with her because of her cute personality. This woman is kind to everyone, even if sometimes she is just being used. She is usually quite slow to pick up on new concepts, but that is what’s unique about her. This kind of a woman usually has many friends who love her and want to save her from men who only want to get into her pants.

15. The Independent Iba

She likes to become her own boss and therefore never wants to be accountable to anyone. She takes care of herself. Gives her own rent and bill, buys her own supercar. The opposite is that you don’t have to buy her stuff constantly because she has her own money and works hard to earn it. The downside is that your whole affair will be marked with territories, it is mine, it is yours. And you will never be sure of the future together because one day she can leave you because she can. She doesn’t give a fuck to anyone.

All men are different, just like women. Therefore, all men will have their own version of “one” which is different from all others. For one man she would be “the one”, and for another, she would be just a girl, one of the types we mentioned above.

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Usually, the “one” is a girl who laughs at her lover’s jokes. She is someone who may have a completely different taste in art, cinema, or music, but they still have a lot of it anyway. Your perfect woman is good with your mother and your friends. She is not very jealous or passionate. And he values you her over anything else.

What kind of a woman are you fond of? Write it down in the comment section below for your fellow readers!