Why Blind Dates Are Awesome

So you have been single for some time and desperation has got the better of you. You ask your friends to set you up with someone you can actually like, someone who can be partner material for you. And they do as you say. They set you up on a date with someone they think that you will hit it off. But the problem is you don’t know anything about them because your friends prefer not telling you anything about the person that you are being set up with. So your nerves kick in and you say to yourself, “you know what, I am going to cancel this date before I die of anxiety.” Well, don’t do it! I have got good reasons for you.

Blind dates are awesome (Duh! It is in the title). They are fun and a lot of cool things that you would not have thought of. Here are 13 reasons why you should definitely go for that blind date you got set up at.

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1. It is perfect for those with eventful schedules

The thought of actually stepping out for a date stirs up a whirlwind of anxieties and panic attacks for so many people. We live extremely active lives, which is possibly why dating takes a back seat for us. It feels like a huge task to meet someone and build a relationship with them.

As we make every effort to make our marks in our careers, we tend to push dating and relationships in the back of our mind. In such a case, having a blind date set up for you can truly be wonderful for those with an active schedule. No efforts, direct meet up! The perfect arrangement.

2. A blind date is an opportunity to date a person you may not otherwise go out with.

Most of us have a particular “type” that we usually look for. There was a time when I had a checklist of physical and personal qualities that I wanted in a partner, too. It is good to know exactly what you want, However, it can also limit your sky. And when somebody does not match that checklist, we quickly refuse to go on a date with them. A blind date can fix this issue for you. It can help you meet someone you would not otherwise go for.

3. Blind dates give you a much needed romantic break in life without breaking your back

Going on a blind date will automatically broaden your horizons when you finally agree to make yourself happy for once. One of the best features of blind dates is finding individuals you would not have otherwise. Also making a new good friend who is not in your core inner circle is an excellent way to grow your social life.

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4. Other people generally know what is good for us

It is typically individuals closest to us that know us much better than we understand ourselves. Allowing a loved one or a close friend to set you up with a person they assume would be an ideal match for you is a fantastic way to find a companion.

5. It might just be fun enough for you to cherish it as a good memory

Going to a blind date with an open mind is crucial if you are put yourself out there and have fun. And as mentioned earlier, if the person you go on a blind date with is not right for you, you might just end up making a new friend. So you really have nothing to lose.

6. You might just become more outgoing after your first blind date experience

If you have actually been stuck in a rut for longer than you can bear, going on a blind date can take things off your mind and be something that you really need. An effective and satisfying blind date can also provide you with some encouragement to go on even more dates.

Whenever you attend the dates, you are consistently advised there are numerous different individuals out there. So blind dates might actually help you discover somebody that is absolutely perfect for you. All it takes is some willpower as well as standing up to the urge to surrender when things become difficult.

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7. Or it could be your last blind date because you might find the right one for you.

The greatest factor to understand is that a blind date is something where you can possibly meet your ‘forever’ person. You only need one date to discover a match that makes your life better or at least makes you happier. While you should not go on a blind date expecting to meet your soulmate, having an open mind will ultimately lead you to that person. Don’t forget that anything is possible when you take the chance to go on a blind date.

8. You have absolutely no expectations.

Expectations have a way of placing too much stress on the end result of the day. When you understand the individual, you can begin to picture you two actually making things work. For you, your blind date is going great and things are progressing. Second, third, fourth, fifth date! However, when you don’t understand the individual, you can’t think of anything at all. You truly have no expectations. All you need to do is live in the moment. So if you are let down, who cares? And if it works out between the two of you, then that is good, too!

9. And you have absolutely no guilt either

Going on a date with someone in college or someone at the office when you have nothing alike besides going to the same place means that there will not be a second date. A sensation of guilt will take over you every single time you go across paths. However, going on a blind date suggests you can turn down the individual if you don’t like them and leave without feeling any guilt. Also, you don’t have to see them ever again so it does not get better.

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10. No love lost, no love found.

(Just like Eminem says it raps it!) If nothing else, there is absolutely nothing that you can lose by going on a blind date. Worse comes to worst, the only thing that you are indeed losing is your time. And I agree that it is invaluable but practically, it does not make that much of a difference.

In the long run, going on a blind date has a ton of advantages. But very few downsides if you really think about it. You can feel confident. And if it does not work out with your blind date, you will never have to see them ever again. Case closed! So take the jump. Take a chance. Call your best friends and confidants and ask them to find you a perfect blind date. Someone they trust. Someone you can trust. And after that, step out of the house and see what the universe has in store for you.

11. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Individuals love to go on blind dates all because of the fact that they are kept guessing as much as the umpteenth hour what kind of hair, the colour of eyes and also lips their date has. Not to forget, the level of chivalry the blind date possesses. As opposed to going out with somebody you know, a blind date would certainly maintain a good amount of surprise for you. And that is amazing because knowing too much is not the best thing to do often times. Also, you may find yourself wondering and you never know, daydreaming, as well, about your blind date, weeks before you meet up with them.

12. Stalking skills are a waste in this case

Nobody wants to go on a date with someone who knows everything about you. Your traits, habits, regular hangout spots, group of close friends and what not. You should not be with anyone that makes you feel like they live in the same house as yours simply because they know so much about you. You need a blind date wherein you can be on your own, where you can actually talk about something that your date does not know about you. An additional advantage is you will be assured that you are not dating someone who is a psycho stalker who spends their time looking at people’s social media profiles.

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13. A window for having awesomesauce conversations

When you are dating somebody you recognize at your workplace, the conversation has a tendency to gravitate around the important things that you have in common: research and teachers if you’re both in school, tasks and employers if you are in the same office. Of course, these are not the only things you discuss. For starters, you can discuss your families, leisure activities, your preferred books, films as well as your views on the environment. There are just a few things that you can talk about.

But on a blind date, it is a blank canvas. You can be as creative as you wish and create your stories the way you want. To put it simply, you are starting from scratch because you do not know anything about each other whatsoever.

How was your experience with a blind date? Write it down on the comment section below for your fellow readers!