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You must have read countless blogs about successful relationships. But never having experienced it first-hand yourself, it becomes difficult to believe their credibility. So, where are these people who have supposed successful relationships? How can you find one for yourself? Well, there is no math or science behind it. Most relationships that stand the test…

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More than a thousand couples start a joint venture every day and fail miserably. The reason? Lousy management, awful chemistry, a ton of misunderstandings and a heck load of personal drama that gets carried to the office. But there are yet another thousand couples who have successfully made their mark in the market. They have…

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Did you just twitch your nose after reading the title? Sounds so negative, doesn’t it? But I assure you that by the end of this blog, you would think differently. Get ready to read one of the most informative blogs of your life.¬†First of all, let’s start with why I chose to use the word…

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