Solo Fun – 30 Things to Do When Your Partner is Away

What could be worse than knowing that Elvis has left the building? You love your partner and swear that you can’t live without them. So, what happens when they actually go away for some time, and you have to hold the fort all by yourself? Catastrophe!!

Oh, don’t be so melodramatic! And stop pretending like you didn’t want this to happen. Stop acting that you didn’t secretly wish to get some alone time so you can have your solo fun for a few days.

Being boo-less for a few days does not have to be so depressing and melancholic as it sounds. Instead of crying in a corner and missing them, why not make this time apart a fun vacation? Cheer up, better halves, because we are going to discuss 30 fun things that you can do when your partner is away. Don’t let this guilt-free, excellent and probably once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip out of your hands by constantly missing your significant. You can do that while having some solo fun.

Read on to know how!

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1. Watch a Movie that You Never Agreed on

Remember how much you enjoyed living alone and watching whatever you felt like watching without having your partner’s judgmental eyes stuck on you? Golden days, weren’t they?

Well, get ready to have that time back again because you are going to fall short of time to watch all the movies that you snuck away in your vault because your partner did not like them. Pull up your watchlist and watch every film from your ‘watch later’ folder. Trust me; you are going to love it. Only the fortunate ones get this kind of opportunity.

2. Eat Healthily – Get in Shape

When you are living with not just your partner but anyone for that matter, you tend to eat what is collectively decided. And if you give up easily, you would find that you are eating what the other person is choosing for you. And most of the times, you end up eating more than what you should ideally be eating.

In this alone time, with your partner away, why not opt for a healthier lifestyle? It is easier to lose weight when you are not continually cooking for two. How about that salad that you refused to eat because you wanted to eat a full course meal? And while you are at it, hit the gym. Exercising would help you feel less emotional (lonely, in other words, because let’s face it, of course, you miss your boo) and also help you get a good body.

3. Make Plans with Friends Whom You Haven’t Met in a Long Time

Let’s not kid anyone, here. We know how we neglect our friends when we are with our special someone. It is not because you don’t like them anymore or find them annoying. It is because you are enjoying spending time with your babe more than your friends. But that is love and love is mushy.

So, take this time off and see your friends. It will be good for a change, and unless your old friends are like mine (dumb and with a lousy sense of humour), you will not regret it.

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4. Let Your Hands, Legs, and Blanket Spread on the Bed

Snuggling with your partner feels lovely, doesn’t it? But sometimes, your body needs that space. It needs to feel free. And your partner being away is the perfect time to feel precisely that! The bed is your playground, spread like the plague!

5. Skip the Shower and Set a Record – If You into That Kind of a Thing

Not all superheroes wear a cape and not all Guinness Book records are set by eating a thousand eggs in 30 minutes or pulling a tow truck with your hair (it is a thing, look it up). Some people do less and be more. Try going without a shower for as long as you can. To tell you mine, the longest I have gone is for three days. And I have never been more disgusted with myself, but I still wear it as an achievement on my sleeve.

While this may not be an option that everyone would approve of, for you naysayers, I have plenty of other options. Keep scrolling down!

6. Go to Lunch Alone and Purposely Click Pictures to Make Your Partner Jealous

When I do this, I make sure to order all my boyfriend’s favourite food items so, he regrets not being there. I, not only Instagram the pictures (to show people that I have a life, too) but also personally DM them to him, followed by my evil laughter.

You can also take a book along with you if you are planning on eating alone. I love reading while eating, and instead of pretending to read, I actually read. Try that! You might actually like it.

7. And While You Are at It, Go to a Movie Theatre… Alone

I recently watched The Nun alone because I had been waiting for it for a long time and although we had planned to watch it together, my boyfriend and I ended up moving to different cities, because of which I was forced to watch it alone. But apart from the movie being utter torture, the experience of watching a movie all by myself was delightful. I loved every bit of it. I even made fun of the other couples in my head by calling them ‘too dependent,’ something that I was until two years ago but now I am not so, I can say that!

Another reason why I loved being alone at the theatre was that I didn’t have my boyfriend constantly yapping in my ears while watching the movie. Yes, he is one of those, and after his nonstop prattling during A Quiet Place, I have decided to kick him out of the theatre the next time he does that and do humanity a huge favour.

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8. And After That, Go Shopping!

And after that, I went shopping. I went to Crossword but don’t worry, I didn’t buy a book. I am not always dull. Instead, I bought the newest edition of Scrabble!! (Nerd alert)

The point I’m trying to make is that I did everything that gave me joy and made me happy and I didn’t regret any second of that day. And I cannot wait to do it again… That’s what she said!

9. Or… Get Some Wine and Shop on Your Laptop

But just because everyone does it, you don’t have to. Window shopping at a mall can be painful, especially if you are broke. Thanks to the internet, now you can window shop at home and not feel embarrassed when you don’t buy anything.

Like Jules Austin from The Intern said, “A woman with a glass of wine and a laptop has a great shopping potential.” Well, a man, too. Everyone does.

10. Treat Yourself with Those Facemasks That He Thought Made You Look Funny

This one is strictly for the ladies.

You know how much those Korean facemasks costs and it is painful not to have time to use them because there always had to be something or the other that kept getting in the way of you and your night-time beauty routine.

But now, you can use them. You can sleep with them on your face and even wake up wearing one of those things and still be okay because there would not be anyone to react with a scare after looking at your face.

11. Have a Boys’ Night/Girls’ Night In

Having your partner go away for a few days calls for some great fun. It is a golden opportunity to do many things. And one such thing is calling over your girls and your boys to your place and getting a party started. Get the drinks, the food and all the other stuff, including the right movies or TV shows and the right games. Don’t forget to bring at least one of these below-mentioned games to your party – Twister, Bingo, Guess Who, and Pictionary. They are incredibly fun!

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12. Wear Your Partner’s Clothes and Pose

Don’t you just love going through your partner’s wardrobe when they are away and cross-dressing? It is actually fun. I know that women are always accused of stealing men’s sweaters, hoodies, jackets, shirts and everything else that fits them but to spill the beans, men are no less. They don’t show it, but they actually enjoy going to women’s stuff, trying them on and posing in front of the mirror.

Crossdressing in your partner’s clothes is not only fun, but it also helps you with any emotional instability that you may be feeling about your partner being away from you. It helps you with the missing part, too.

And while you are doing that, don’t forget to click some beautiful pictures.

13. Go for the Evening Long Drives

I am not suggesting that you go on a self-loathing, “no one loves me” kind of a long drive where you listen to Akon’s Mr Lonely or something similar to that. Also, no way should you carry an alcoholic drink while you are driving as if you are pretending to be in a cheesy romantic comedy. I am talking about a good evening drive by yourself where you can take some time off for yourself and do some productive thinking. It is okay if you feel a little depressed or lonely, but remember that you need this time out. Enjoy the light breeze, the beautiful colour of the night and the lovely moonlit sky without anybody’s company.

14. Play KBC on Your Phone

I do this when I am alone. I do this when I am with my boyfriend. In fact, we both enjoy playing KBC online. There are plenty of apps on the app store and the playstore that allow you to experience the real KBC.

Now, I know that you can play other kinds of quiz and games on your phone when you are alone but being an Indian has its perks. And one of them is Kaun Banega Crorepati. It is one of the oldest game shows on Indian television. And there is something about that game that fills your heart with thrill every time you play it.

Test your intelligence and challenge your mind with this solo fun!

15. Read a Killer Thriller

I specifically say thriller because these are the only kind of books that would not make you emotional or bring out your sensitive side. Thriller novels help you get your thinking caps on and incept the rush of adrenaline in your body. And that is why they are a great buddy when you are alone. Also, the fear that they invoke in you that makes you question everything in your house and compels you to see your neighbours as potential serial killers is to die for. (Oh! The irony)

16. Buy New Furniture or Redecorate – If Your Pocket Allows

The last time I was alone in my house, I redecorated my entire bedroom. No, I am not super rich or anything. I was just considering doing that for a very long time but always kept procrastinating it. So, when I finally got the chance of sitting down with a bottle of the finest Shiraz (that I could afford), I let myself loose. I found the perfect furniture for my bedroom, the one it and I actually deserved and maxed out my credit card. Some of the best money I ever spent, by the way. In fact, I am writing this article sitting in my dream bed, and there is no way that I regret it.

17. Work Extra Time If That Is What You Love

No matter how big a workaholic you are and how much you love your job, you have to always come home on time because you have a particular duty toward your boo. And I know you don’t resent it, but sometimes, you just need to know that someday you can work without having to worry who is waiting at home for you. So, maybe this is the perfect time for that.

If you are like me, work would surely give you happiness, and you should always do the things that make you happy. So, now that your significant other is out of town how about pulling that all-nighter at the office and showing your boss who deserves to be on that chair?!

18. Take a Road Trip with Your Friends

This is the best time for taking a road trip with your friends. There is no guilt of leaving your partner alone at home while you are having fun with your friends. And you don’t have to worry about coming home to a puppy-faced human that has suddenly begun to give you a feeling that you have adopted them from a garage.

You don’t have to splurge or anything while you are on this road trip. You can still have fun even if you are running low on cash. What matters is that you go out and explore the streets.

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19. Try All the Makeup Tutorials That You Have Been Bookmarking for So Long

Why did you bookmark them if you never really tried them? It is because subconsciously you were hoping that one day you will be alone at home boo-less and you will get to work all those tips and tricks that your favourite makeup influencers had been persuading you to try to get that flawless look for the past five years.

Gurl, get your wet wipes and micellar because you know you are going to need it. It is not possible to recreate that look without looking like you are participating in a Halloween contest. Still, good luck!

20. Pull an All-Nighter Cricket Match with Your Boys

Speaking of wishing good luck, this one is specifically for the boys. You didn’t think I was going to be biased, did you?

Do you know what is the first thing that my boyfriend does when I go away? He calls up all his friends and organises a cricket match. Not just any match. This is an all-nighter. He would refuse if you ask him this, but I know that he secretly wishes that I go away just so that he can go and play. Don’t think I am controlling or anything. It is only his guilt ruling over him constantly that stops him from going to such matches when I am around.

Now, you can thank me for giving you this brilliant idea that you couldn’t think of first with all those superior genes.

21. Take One of Those Thoughtless Dance Challenges and Record It

Anyone can take a Dele Alli challenge and take a picture. The real good stuff is in the dance challenges. What you thought those dance challenges that people are going gaga over around the world were stupid? You are right! They are. But they are also terribly fun at the same time.

Besides the In My Feelings challenge that you may popularly know as the Kiki challenge, there are so many others that there are literally a hundred pages that feature all the new challenges that come up on the internet. Here are some of the safest yet fun list of challenges that you can try –

  • 100 layers challenge
  • Accent fun challenge
  • Try not to sing/laugh/yawn challenges
  • Flip the bottle challenge
  • Urban dictionary or internet slang challenge
  • Mannequin challenge. One of the most difficult challenges ever started.

Go crazy!

22. Get Sloshed While Binge-watching Your Favourite TV Show

It is okay if you get drunk at home. As long as you are on the safe premises, you need not worry about making a low budget Hangover IV. You can drink at home while watching The Office or Game of Thrones or Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 (if you are into that dung).

I remember the time when the first season of How to Get Away with Murder came out, and I practically never left my laptop till the finished all the episodes because it was so incredibly amazing. But that was minus the alcohol. Still, it was fun. My point is you can drink when you are alone without pitying yourself or feeling depressed about not having your significant other around. You can drink for fun!

23. Arrange Your Bookshelf

That is if you have books. More than 3. And no, Durjoy Datta does not count. That kind of books doesn’t go on a shelf. In fact, why have a bookshelf for such books when you have a trashcan?

Arranging a bookshelf is next to meditation, and if you are a reader, you would agree with me. Get your most comfortable pyjamas on because this is going to take an entire day. Also, don’t forget to brace yourself from the nostalgia that you will be experiencing when you would go through every book and remembering the time when you first bought it.

24. Sleep for 13 Hours Straight on Weekends

Ah! I love this one. You know you work hard. And you know, deep down that you would never get appreciated for what you do at work. But just because your boss does not appreciate you, doesn’t mean you have to treat your body the same way. The best kind of thank you that you can say to your body is by letting it rest more than what it is used to. Don’t set the alarm. If you have an iPhone, turn on the bedtime mode. This way you would not miss out on any calls or messages. Turn off your internet. The longer you sleep, the more you would know how much your body had been craving for this kind of rest.

25. Create Artwork for Your Home

You can always buy a dreamcatcher or a nameplate from a store, but these things become more special and personal when you craft them yourself. And the best part is that both men and women can do this. Pull out your colours and supplies for this one because it is on.

26. Browse on the Weird Side of the Internet

How many times have you wandered off on the weird side of the internet unintentionally and regretted it because you spent 5 hours doing that and ended up watching a video titled “How Whales Dance” when you still had unfinished work? Relatable, right?

How about doing the same thing, but the only difference would be that this time it would be intentional? Now that you are alone, you can finally watch Vennu Mallesh and Taher Shah without being judged.

27. Have a Spa Day

If you do this one at home, beware of those scandalous spa places where they tell you it is a massage place, but it is actually not what you think it is. (Geddit? No? Think harder!)

Go to a legitimate spa place or call a reliable source. And if you think that maybe you should not do it because you don’t need it. Honey, everyone needs a spa day!

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28. Visit a Pet Shelter

It does not matter if you are a dog person or a cat person. What matters is that you go and spend time with those naughty kids and show them that humans are not the worst things that have happened to the planet. You would lose track of time and, it would be the best day of your life, I assure you.

29. Pretend to Be on MasterChef Australia

How many times have you dreamt about having your own cooking show? Thanks to Sanjeev uncle, every Indian wants their version of Khana Khazana now.

When your partner is away, you can cook and talk to your fake audience without being judged. It would be like being on MasterChef Australia. I say Australia because it is the best one. I mean have you seen Masterchef US and Masterchef India? Don’t get me wrong; I love Gordon Ramsay and Vikas Khanna. But could those two versions get any boring? I think not.

30. Count Your Savings

You may think that this is stupid and who actually takes out time just to count their savings, but I do. And trust me, you need some time to do it. If you think that you have been saving for quite some time and that you have lost track of your saving, get it out and start counting. In fact, why only stick to counting your savings? Go ahead and clean your wardrobe or do those little things that you thought you would do when the time is right. Now is the time.

Use this golden period to clean your mess so that when your partner is back, you will meet them with a fresh start as if your relationship is brand new!

What fun things do you do when your partner is away for a few days? Write it down in the comment section below for your fellow readers!