15 Facts About Lesbian Relationships That Everyone Must Know

Feelings and emotions have no boundaries. Same goes with love, which is a beautiful feeling which is beyond your control. When I talk about love, that doesn’t only mean a relationship between a man and a woman. There can be love between two best friends, father-son love, mother-daughter love, brother-sister love and many more. Apart from that, there are some relationships which are as beautiful and pure as they can be, which I mentioned earlier. Here I’m talking about love between a woman and a woman. It is also termed as lesbian love, or this kind of relationship or feeling is known as lesbianism. Yes, that is right.

Lesbian – it is a pretty commonly heard word these days across the world and now in India as well. While gay relationships are being slowly accepted by Indians, lesbianism isn’t accepted that much. However, we can’t be judgmental about this as it can be your personal choice. We all are living in 2019. Evolution is taking place in everything, and it is time that we too try to change and accept it. We should be more sensitive towards addressing these things. All of us deserve love, regardless of who it comes from. India is on its progressive mode and has started to adapt and accept this type of culture and the concepts. Hence, couples nowadays don’t shy away from flaunting their love in front of the world and are least bothered what others will say.

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Same-sex love and relationships can work out best for both boys and girls. They live in a happy place and in fact, some are pretty successful. Even heterosexual relationships tend to break after a while, including marriages. But these relationships last longer. The reason is that they have fought with the world to be together. This makes their bond stronger.

A lot of factors play an essential role when you opt for this beautiful relationship. One is, realizing the fact that you’re in love with a girl. You cannot change your feeling about it as it is inborn. You have to accept it, respect it and simply follow your heart. Making a big deal out of it will simply create more problems for you. Discussing your feelings and emotions can be very helpful, as emotional support plays a huge role. Shoutout to those families who are paving the way for love, by the way!

Many lesbian relationships face huge criticisms from their families. But sometimes you are lucky enough to get all the love and support from them. Also, you never know you might be lucky enough to get all the love, blessings and support from them.

Lesbians shouldn’t be ill-treated. I’ve personally seen lots of them at my workplace and in college, and they are fun to be around. I’ve seen them getting equal importance and respect from everyone just like we get it from our bosses, colleagues, teachers and others.

There are a lot of myths about lesbians, and half of them are not true. Like all lesbian couples know other lesbians. Well, that is utter nonsense. Do all straight people know everyone? No, right? Same goes with these, too. People say that all lesbians hate men. This is simply untrue. Just because they love women that doesn’t mean they hate men. They are not attracted to men, that is it. But at the same time, they don’t get attracted to all the girls they see. Some also believe that all lesbians are vegetarians. Seriously? There is no logic behind this.  Food preference has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

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Since there are so many myths revolving lesbians and their relationships, it is essential to know the truth. So, let’s dig in and know the awesome facts about lesbian relationships:

1. It is like having a girl roommate for life long

Having a girl roommate is always fun, isn’t it? I’m sure most of us will be able to relate to this. There are lots of girls who live together as roommates. It is like having a soul sister for life. You and your partner can do all the fun stuff together and simply enjoy every single day. The best part of this is that you know that your girl is never going to leave you. That makes you even happier. Late-night talks to having pyjama parties, you can enjoy everything with your girl, that too every day. This is one of the most awesome facts about lesbian relationships.

2. You can relate to her by all means

Can’t agree anymore with this awesome fact about lesbian relationships. Heterosexual relationships face a lot of problems. It can be about anything which creates a lot of differences between a man and a woman. Both man and woman have their own point of views which differ from each other, and it results in frequent conflicts. But if you date a girl, it is all the same. From sharing period problems to all the beauty hacks, only a girl can relate to it.

3. Sharing stuff

If you date a guy, you won’t be able to share all of your personal stuff with him. But if you date a girl, what is hers is your and vice versa. Isn’t this one of the most awesome facts about lesbian relationships? From clothes to cosmetics to purses to bags to sandals, you can share everything. Plus it will be fun to shop together. We all know how girls are crazy about clothes. Both you and your partner can buy different types of clothes so that you can wear each others’.

4. Make out anywhere

Now, this is one of the most amazing facts about a lesbian relationship. You can have a chance of having a quickie anywhere. From public restrooms to theatres, you can enjoy anywhere and everywhere. The risk of being caught is pretty less. Also, it is less embarrassing than what the heterosexual couples face.

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5. No consciousness of how you look

When you open up in front of a guy, you tend to get conscious about the way you look. But with lesbians, there is no such fear. What you have, she has the same, and there is no comparison. There is no demand for having bigger butts or bigger boobs for your satisfaction. You kind of respect your partner and accept her the way she is.

6. No need to use contraceptives and protection because of no fear of pregnancy

As we all know, a girl can’t conceive without having intercourse. Also, couples have to be extremely careful and use protection to reduce the chances of pregnancy. However, we all know, sometimes even protection doesn’t work. But when you date a girl, the fear of pregnancy is zero to nil. Isn’t this one of the most awesome facts about lesbian relationships? Unless, of course, you are thinking of Jurassic Park because I have no idea how that would work for humans.

7. Gossip about others all the time without worrying

This point should be taken in a fun way. Just recollect the moments when you meet your girl gang, one of the fun things you like to do is gossip. Be it about boys or other girls or about some other random stuff. At one point, your girl gang will get tired about you gossiping. But you can do this with your girl partner all day long. And the best part of it is, she won’t judge for doing this. Having some interesting gossip sessions is always a great idea of having fun.

8. Cry freely in front of your girl

A study suggests men are much more emotional than women. However, they tend to hide their emotions, unlike women. You must have cried several times in your life. No matter how often you cry and how badly you cry, your girl will surely be there for you. She won’t judge you or be fed up, unlike some men. She won’t hate you or cringe just because you’re crying. Express all your pain in front of her, and she will patiently listen to you. The most important thing, she might probably be able to relate to your problem and support you. And this is the beauty of lesbian relationships.

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9. Fight for each other’s rights

While in a normal boy-girl relationship, both have to struggle to get their rights. And while doing this, none of them is able to offer enough support to each other. But this is not in the case of lesbian relationships. Both you and your girl will be working for the same rights. And when you two will unite, there is nothing that can stop you. From facing societal pressures to fighting them, you can do it all together with each other’s support.

10. Both hold equal importance

Being in a same-sex relationship, this is one of the best perks. You both will have equal rights on each other. Unlike the husband-wife relationships, where the husband dominates the wife in some or the other way. Even if you both live together, all the decisions will be taken mutually with each other’s consent. No one will be biased. From deciding the lunch/dinner menu to planning holidays to making investments, everything will be mutually discussed.

11. No partiality in doing household chores

While we have always seen women looking after the house when men go to work. It is not the same in lesbian relationships. Both you and your partner will understand each other’s work and divide all the household chores equally. One of them won’t bear the burden of doing everything.

12. Checkout others without even letting them know

Lesbians are no different. They too enjoy having some fun. They too like to check out other men and women. Well, there is no harm in this. Actually, it is sort of fun. And they can do this without even letting others know about it. Checking out hot men and women with your ladylove can be fun.

13. Lesbians, too, get married to have normalcy in life

Lesbians too go through to the same feelings and emotions, just like a man and a woman goes through when they are together. They too need a feeling of security and want to live a normal life like others. So, they do believe in the institution of marriage. So for them, marriage is equally important just like a man and a woman.

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14. No pressure of having a baby

Now, this is one of the most awesome facts about lesbian relationships. Since there is no pressure of marriage, the option about having a baby is completely upon you and your partner. Also, if you’re thinking about adopting a baby, there is no need to get married. You can adopt one even without being married. That is the beauty of this kind of relationships. However, a man and a woman can’t even think about this because of the fear of family and society.

15. Adopting a baby and raising it with each other’s help

Now in case you and your partner want to experience the beautiful phase of being parents, you can adopt a baby. However, this is totally optional. But the baby who gets adopted by a lesbian couple will be the luckiest one. Wondering why? While there are some people in the world who crave for mother’s love, this baby will be blessed with two mommies. Doesn’t that sound beautiful? Having said that, the baby will be raised by two powerful and independent women. Isn’t that great? If you adopt a girl, it is like extending your fun girl gang. If you adopt a boy, he will get to hang out with two super cool mommies.

Being Open to Lesbian Relationships

All the above points are enough for you to express your love to the one who you have fallen for. There are many pros and cons of being in a relationship. But instead of focusing on cons, you should look on the positive side and moreover, listen to your heart.

With things changing in our country, we are hoping to see more and more lesbian relationships and couples coming out of the closet. I would personally love to see lesbians in India getting married. Both dressed beautifully as brides and taking their wedding vows.

A shout out to all the girls and their beautiful partners out there and we wish them all the happiness.

Aren’t these reasons enough for you and your partner to be together? Share your views with us. We would love to hear from you!