You Are Likely to Meet Your Soulmate At One of These Places

If you think you have lost your faith in love and people, you might want to think again. Maybe this is the best situation. Some people meet their soulmates when they least expect it. You might have given up, but the universe has not. You are fortunate!

When I decided to write this article, I thought of all the happy relationships that I have come across. And I realised that I know at least one person who has met their soulmate in these places. So I thought why not incorporate real stories in this blog, so you know that it is possible? And that is what you are about to read. Let this blog be a beacon of hope that someday you will meet the old half of you.


1. A Serene Book Cafe


My friend once asked me to set him up with one of my girl-friends because he wanted to be with someone intelligent. But I don’t do that. Nah! I don’t like to be involved in this kind of things. So I advised him to go to an unpopular book cafe in our city to meet someone. An unpopular one because that is where true nerds flock. Anybody can pretend to be a bibliophile while reading Durjoy Dutta at Starbucks. But only those that care about reading go to a place where they won’t be on display.

And it happened just as I had expected. He was going through the ‘Fiction’ section of the book cafe when he came across a girl looking confused. My friend seized the moment and asked her about it. It turned out that she was holding Lord of the Rings in her hand, which is his favourite book series. As fate would have it, he impressed her with his knowledge on the subject and helped her choose the right book.

What’s more? One thing led to another, and they are now in a decent relationship. I would not say that it is a perfect relationship. But they have been quite happy with each other for two years.

Perhaps your soulmate is waiting for you at your nearest book cafe, too. Don’t make them wait any further.

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2. One of These Amazing Silent Discos


One of my cousins, Ananya, met Shreyansh while they were studying in London in different colleges. Their fates had brought them to the same club and single! Shreyansh’s friend approached Ananya for him because he is a textbook introvert. And something special happened that night. They didn’t dance even though that was what they went to do there. Instead, they rented a booth inside the club and connected over their favourite music. And they ended up spending the night connecting at some random park.

I can’t say they are still together because not all relationships have to have a ‘happily ever after.’ But they did have a long relationship of 6 years. Shreyansh had to come back to India while Ananya had planned to settle there, so they decided to end it mutually. All that remains are pleasant memories.

Let me clear a misconception that people have about soulmates. Many people think soulmates are meant to last forever. But it does not always have to be that way. You can meet your soulmate and part ways from them after spending as few as six months with them. And you can still love them for life because you vibe on a different level.

3. A Groovy Salsa Party


I seldom think about this incident that happened to me a few years back at a salsa party. I was a young bird among a flock of gorgeous cranes. This was a celebrity party, which was flooding with the famous Bollywood actors that I had known all my life. So naturally, no one asked me to dance because a) I can’t dance well and b) I did not have the same model looks as the other girls in the party.

So I was sitting at the bar minding my own business, watching people dance and have fun when a man with salt n pepper hair approached me. He asked me to accompany him for a dance. I wasn’t sure, so I politely refused, making my inability to dance an excuse. But he was adamant and quite persuasive. So I agreed for one dance. And I am so glad that I did because I had the best time. As the song ended, I began to leave when he caught my hand and asked me for another dance. I agreed. We laughed, shared, and clicked several times throughout the dance.

Four songs later, I decided that this was it for me. And so I left. He accompanied me to the parking lot and asked me for my BBpin (yeh un dino ki baat hain). But I refused and decided to keep things mysterious.

The connection that we shared during those four dances could only be described as something that would happen between soulmates. I wonder what could have been had I decided to keep in touch. Would my life be different? Perhaps. All I know is, that salsa night was so special for me that I wouldn’t change it for the world.

4. During Your Uber Pool Ride


This one did not happen with one of the people I know. It actually happened with two strangers that I was sharing my Uber ride with. I was travelling with a young boy and girl who were strangers. The girl was in the passenger seat while the boy was seated behind the driver’s seat. His position gave him a clear view of the girl who was playing some game on her phone that was apparently the food for his soul. The boy struck a conversation with the girl, and they both seemed to have taken an instant liking to each other. It was a long ride so they must have spoken for an hour and a half before finally exchanging their numbers enthusiastically.

I might not know much about them, but I knew the spark because I have seen it before. They got down at the same stop because fatefully, they were neighbours. So even the universe was at work then.

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5. While Playing PUBG


Speaking of games, my boyfriend has a huge circle of friends. They are childhood buddies who are all hardcore PUBG players. And this is a rather strange PUBG incident that strengthened my faith in love and soulmates even more. One of the people from my boyfriend’s PUBG group added a new girl to the group who belonged to another city. Ronak (my boyfriend’s friend) who has been single ever since I have known him, started to talk to her during the game. To our surprise, the girl actually replied to him, and it all seemed extremely genuine to us all.

A week later as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I saw Ronak had uploaded a picture with a girl. I showed it to my boyfriend, and he confirmed that it was the same girl from the game. Ronak had travelled all the way to another city to meet this girl. And as you might have guessed, they started dating. It happened out of nowhere and in a different city. It was astounding, but it affirmed my faith in soulmates. Perhaps this story will affirm yours, too.

6. A Reality Show Audition


My aunt has one of the loveliest tales of her encounter with her soulmate. She had gone for an audition for a reality show. It was a regional singing competition. And if you don’t already know, the behind-the-stage of reality shows is tiring. You have to wait for hours to get to the first level of the audition, which is nowhere near the actual thing that you see on TV. And then you have at least three such rounds. So you have to be prepared to spend the entire day on the field.

While sitting in the waiting area, she caught a glimpse of a guy who was practising his song. She decided to talk to him because she was incredibly bored. The boy was warm. They clicked and started talking about their shared love for music. After singing their favourite songs together and talking all day, my aunt says they fell for each other. Safe to say that they didn’t get selected for the show, but they did become the chosen one for each other. And their relationship was so successful that I call that guy ‘uncle’ now.

7. On Your Building’s Terrace


I might have written this story before in one of my previous blogs, but I will write it yet again because it is so dreamy. Sonia, my roommate, was about to get married when I first met her. It was a love marriage. When I asked her, she told me that she had been with her man for 11 years. They were 14 years old when they had started, and they were 25 when they decided to make things official.

Sonia and Ashish became neighbours when Sonia moved to the neighbourhood. They would come on their respective terraces to see each other. That is how they would talk. Three years later, they informed their parents about their relationship, and everyone accepted their relationship almost instantly. And the rest is history. And guess where this happened? Delhi, which is famous for its rooftop romance.

Sixteen years later, they are married with a daughter. And they have settled down in Australia. Two people who were brought together by chance now live happily.

8. A Superfun Karaoke Night


We don’t have as many karaoke bars in India as we should, but soulmates find a way to get to each other. This incident happened with my brother when he was in college. His friends had dragged him to a karaoke bar and signed him up for singing. He managed to give an awkward performance and returned to his table. He didn’t expect any praises for what he had done. But someone was secretly impressed with his talent.

A minute later, a woman approached him and complimented him on his voice. She even offered him a drink. That is when you know it is fate. They exchanged numbers and got to talking. Things went forward. Now they have a dog together! It does not always end with a baby.

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9. In a Judgemental Interview


No no. I am not talking about the interview per se. You can find your soulmate while waiting for the interview. This did not happen to anyone I know, but it did happen to my friend’s parents. Women did not actively seek employment back when her parents had got married. And before feminism became a fad instead of an ideology, my friend’s father was already a huge feminist. So when he saw his wife-to-be sitting there in the waiting room, he was immediately impressed. And it wasn’t a surprise when they began to see each other after they got the job.

My friend’s parents still swear by their relationship. Her mother is glad that her father made the first move. And they feel incredibly fortunate to have found each other right before they started their adult lives.

10. At a Drunken Bar


We can all agree that bars are a great place to meet your soulmate. And many love stories start here. So I wasn’t surprised when my friend met his girlfriend at a bar. He was so excited when he told me about it. And it still feels like it is brand new even after five years. Not sure if it is the alcohol that keeps the relationship ‘neat,’ but it is all wonderful.

11. During a Musical Music Festival


Many souls find each other during music fests. You have a better chance of finding your soulmate when you are at music festivals because you get to meet like-minded people. Also, people connect over music more than anything else.

My friends are crazy about music fests, so they make it a point to attend as many as possible. Two of my girl-friends met their current boyfriends at one such fest. They ran into two guys who were friends, too. The four of them had a good time and clicked. I absolutely envy them because they get to go on double dates more than I do.

12. In the Family


I found it extremely creepy when it happened to my friend. But I feel that it deserves to be on the list.

We were 15, and I was helping my best friend, Kriya, clean her house for Diwali. We were going through some old stuff when we came across an old photograph. It was Kriya’s childhood photo, but she wasn’t alone. There were some unfamiliar faces in there, so she began to familiarise me with them. She was running her finger through the faces while telling me about them when she suddenly stopped. It was some guy I had never seen before. He seemed to be our age. I asked Kriya who he was and she became numb. It was Abhishek, her childhood crush. I found it weird because it was her cousin. But she said it was acceptable in their religion. I didn’t question further because I didn’t know much about her religion. And we let it slide.

Two days later, I got a message from Kriya saying Abhishek had come to her house. It was surprising because he lived in a different state and he had never visited her. Another ten days later, Kriya called me, and she sounded really excited. She told me that Abhishek asked her out and she said yes. The relationship was a short-lived one because it was long-distance, but Kriya was happy.

I found out later that Abhishek was Kriya’s maternal uncle’s son and if she were to get married, he would be her family’s first choice. So I guess if their souls are meant to be together, they will find a way.

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13. A Fun Hobby Class


Hobby classes are a great place to meet your soulmate. They are fun and informative. My friend, Jahnavi, met her soulmate at a tango class. It happened on a fateful day.

Jahnavi was always interested in joining a tango dance class, but she failed to find herself a partner as you need to have a partner to attend the class. So she kept rejecting the idea of attending one. But one day, she signed up for the class. Solo! No partner. Jahnavi decided to let destiny find her a partner. And it did.

Who would have thought that there would be another person who would sign up for the same class without a partner? Subsequently, the class suggested that Jahnavi and the boy take the class together. They completed the class and eventually started dating. It has been four years since then, and their relationship is only growing stronger.

How did you meet your soulmate? Write it down in the comment section below for your fellow readers!