15 Unavoidable Signs that You Are Both Ready to Get Married

It has been some lovely years together, and you know you are genuinely in love with each other! You understand each other, and it is really easy being with each other. Everything is as it should be so, you are ready to take it to the next level. Well, congratulations on that. I wish you all the good luck in the world. Just one question – Are you there yet?

I am not here to burst your happy bubble. I am going to do the exact opposite of that. Stop questioning your ability to decide about your future. I am going to help you know if you are ready to be married to your partner. Here are 15 unavoidable signs that you are both ready to get married.

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1. You Don’t Want to Date Anyone Else Because You Are Satisfied with the One You Have

We have heard it in the songs. When you are ready to get married to your partner you are indeed happy with the one you have. You seem to like all their qualities. And the ones that you don’t like, you choose to accept them because you realise that no one is perfect. But there is nobody else whose imperfections you would settle down for but them. And just like they say it in the vows, you are willing to take them in sickness and in health.

Besides, you would never find yourself looking at other people when you are out. You won’t be fantasising or thinking about how it would be like to date one of them. So, that is good news! Do I hear the wedding bells?

2. You Are Not Excited About the Wedding. You Are Excited for Your Future Together

Even if you are planning your dream wedding without taking a minute to breathe correctly, you are not obsessed with it. You want to make sure that your wedding ceremony takes place smoothly because you don’t want any last-minute hassles. However, you are not too focused on spending your entire life’s savings on one day to have the perfect wedding. You are more focused on the life that you are going to spend with your partner after your wedding ceremony is over. So, instead of perfecting that one day, you are planning to perfect the rest of your lives. You are not excited about the wedding. Rather, you are passionate about marriage!

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3. You Are Sure that None of You Is Going Anywhere Even After a Ginormous Fight

Did he call you overly controlling? Did you call him a buttlicker? Do you spend nights after nights trying to resolve things that matter to you because you know you have gone all in on this relationship and there is no turning back? You are ready to walk down the aisle, my friend!

You are blunt with the people you know are yours for life!

See, the most straightforward logic behind this kind of behaviour is that you are frank with the people you know are yours for life. So, you are not afraid to lose them. You know they are going nowhere. This does not mean that you are taking them for granted. It means you trust your love enough to know that you are in this together forever.

4. Your Team is Unbeatable

Together you both are like Superman and Batman in one team! No, not the stupid Zack Snyder one. That was a laughing stock. The actual comic book one. Does this sound like something that happens to you? It is a sign that you are ready to get married to your partner.

Couples in love are the strongest. So, don’t shy away from participating in activities that require both of your strengths. Also, couples who are always winning are happier than those that are not. With your partner by your side, you literally have nothing to lose. Go ahead and win, my power couple!

5. They Are Not Your Better Half

I think the term ‘better half’ is absolutely rubbish. When you are with the right one, they are never your better half. Sure, they are better than the others, but they are not the other half of you. Instead, the right partner would complete you. You would never feel like you are incomplete or would never feel the need to get yourself a ‘better’ half. With them, you are a better you. You are the best version of yourself. You don’t need each other to complete each other. Unwavering support is all you both need. And together, you don’t make a whole. You become two wholes!

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6. Your World Does Not Revolve Around Your Partner

Do you have four people other than your partner in your recently called list who are always on your speed dial? Are you in touch with your parents even when you are not living with them? Do you make plans of going for a movie with people other than your partner? If you answered in affirmation, you are probably ready to get married.

When other close people in your life surround you, your relationship is said to be healthy. You don’t limit yourself to just one person and let your life revolve around them. You socialise with a bunch of other people, too. This shows that you have a life outside your relationship, which is how it should be.

You have a life outside your relationship!

You should not be depended on your partner exclusively to have fun or experience something. Ensure that you are surrounded by other people, too. It not only helps you improve your social skills but also enables you to avoid getting bored in your relationship.

If you are in such a position while you are thinking about getting married to your partner, you are with the right one. Go forward fearlessly.

7. You Have Seen Each Other at the Lowest and Accepted

Relationships are not about laughing at each other’s referential jokes and crying at the same scene from Coco. (Damn that film. Feels like somebody left the taps open!) It means accepting each other at their lowest and ugliest. No, I am not referring to the time when you got such a bad haircut that she did not want to be seen with you anywhere. Nor am I referring to the time when you had zero sense of fashion, and you wore those horrible chokers because everyone did and he still held your hand with pride.

Ask the real questions – Were you there for him when he lost his job and could not afford things for a while? Does he comfort you when you get your panic attacks? Did you get through that phase without hurting each other? If you said yes to all of that, release the doves. You are ready to get married to your partner.

8. You Are On the Same Page

I should not be telling you how important being on the same page is when you are planning to get married. You should be aware of their values and beliefs, and they should be mindful of yours. And not just be aware of them, you should follow them. This makes a relationship smoother. It does not matter if he is a cat person and you are a dog person. The real question is would you both be willing to adopt both a cat and a dog just to make each other happy?

And why just that? Before getting married, it is crucial for you to be on the same page when it comes to family planning as well. Do you want two kids? So does she! Do you want ten dogs? So does he! You want to save up so you can travel to at least one place every year? So does she!

Besides that, you both want to have mandatory monthly family dinners. You want a ground-rule in your house about having at least one meal together every day. You should binge-watch at least one TV show together every month.

If you have already discussed this and agree on it, you are there!

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9. You Know How You Both Feel About Marriage

This is a significant sign of knowing if you are ready to get married. You might have talked about getting married in the past but have you spoken about it recently? Do you think you agree with each other’s opinion on marriage?

Remember what happened in the first Sex and the City movie? The reason why they did not get married was that Big got cold feet. When you love someone and want to get married to them, the term ‘cold feet’ would be alien to you. This is because you are sure that you want to do it because you would not have it any other way. You would know that even if the label would change, your relationship would never change. You would still be the same.

10. All Your Friends and Family Approve of You as a Couple

Okay, ‘all friends’ is a little far-fetching, but you get the gist, don’t you? It is important that you allow your close ones to approve of your marriage because they may see what you don’t. Maybe you are in love, and maybe you check all the boxes, as a couple. But there could be something that you cannot see and that your friends or family can, and they would warn you about it.

Always trust your loved ones’ hunch!

Your close ones can sense negative vibes around you. For instance, no matter how much I warn my sister, she always ends up with the bad guys. And believe you me, she always gets men who are the definition of perfection. They are handsome, well-spoken, literate and caring. But being her sister as well as her confidant, I see something in them that others don’t. And needless to say, every time she does not listen to me (which is all the time), she ends up getting extremely hurt. In fact, she is with one such man right now, and I already know how that one is going to end. Hence, the moral of the story is always to trust your loved ones’ hunch. They know what is best for you.

11. Money Matters are Resolved as Smoothly as Butter

You have a mutual understanding when it comes to money. If he paid for coffee, you pay for the wine. She brought home lunch; you take her out to dinner. And all is well in R-town!

It does not matter if you write down your expenses or do mental math. Get ready to marry your partner. As long as you are sharing the expenses without blaming the other for not contributing enough.

12. You Are Ready to Work on Your Relationship

There are always times when you take each other for granted because like I wrote above, you know they are not going anywhere. They are yours. But this does not mean that you stop working on your relationship.

Marriage is not your cup of tea if you are a quitter!

N o relationship is perfect. You make it look like a cakewalk to the other people, but only you know how much effort you are pouring into keeping your relationship alive.

Marriage is not your cup of tea if you are a quitter. It requires constant work. There’s going to be a lot of hard work. If you are already prepared for it, no one can stop you from getting married.

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13. You Can Each Handle Your Expenses

Neither of the two of you should be relying on each other when it comes to finances. You are independent monetarily. He does not have to pick up your bills behind you, and you don’t have to worry about his bank balance when you are out shopping for the wedding and after that, too. Divide the expenses among yourselves. It doesn’t matter if it is not equal. He may be earning less than you or she may have just started making a substantial profit from her newly established business. But you are both still willing to contribute from your income. If you are a part of such an arrangement, maybe it is time to start picking out the wedding dress.

14. The Mystery Hasn’t Disappeared

There is always something new that you learn about them. Seven years into the relationship and you did not know she wrote brilliant poems? Did you just find out that he was once a basketball champion and still can beat anyone around him at the game? Well, that is your cue!

The thing about most successful relationships is that there is always something that you don’t know about your partner. They still find a way to surprise you. And when they do that, you fall in love with them all over again. You can listen to them as intently as possible. They can be as predictable as possible. But there would always be a day where they would do something to blow you away. And that is when you would know that it is time!

15. You Know It Is the Right Thing to Do

Forget all the other reasons! This is the most significant sign you would get when you are ready to get married to your partner. You would know it is the right thing to do. And when that happens, you would not need any other signs. This one would be enough for you to be sure.

They say that when two people come together in true love, the stars align in the sky. So, when the universe is approving your union, you need no other signs to know if it is the right decision to make.

Marriage on your mind? Have you received your universal divine sign? Ring the bells and pick the bouquets because it is time to walk ‘the walk.’ Happy forever after!

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