Have You Met Your Soulmate? 10 Signs to Tell If You Have

You must have read countless blogs about successful relationships. But never having experienced it first-hand yourself, it becomes difficult to believe their credibility. So, where are these people who have supposed successful relationships? How can you find one for yourself?

Well, there is no math or science behind it. Most relationships that stand the test of time are those that are made of soulmates. Yup, soulmates are real. They are not some urban legend. And the chances are that you have already met yours but have not recognised them yet. So, if you want to avoid missing out on the opportunity of having the perfect relationship, here are ten signs that would help tell you if you have already met your soulmate. But first, let us know exactly what a soulmate is.

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Who is a Soulmate?

A soulmate is someone with whom you have a deep connection. You relate to each other on an emotional level. It is someone who thinks like you and feels things the same way you do. Some people believe that soulmates are your inner twin. They are the lost part of your soul. And that is why when you find them, you feel whole. A soulmate is your other half.

As sweet as this belief may sound, it is anything but true. In fact, this belief is drawn from Plato’s dialogue, The Symposium, in which he says that Zeus devised a plan to split humans into halves, post their battle with the Gods. Another theory is that soulmates are people whom you have spent your other lives with as a friend, colleague, sibling, lover, parent or child. You have been with them in your previous lives, and that is the reason that you are looking for them in this life, too. And that is also why you feel complete when you are with them. While some people are born with their soulmates around them right from the beginning, some have to struggle a tad bit to find their other half.

All this seems wildly interesting, but unfortunately, it is untrue!

But you see, soulmates make such a perfect pair that it seems like they share a soul. Having a soulmate may not necessarily mean that you would love them or they would love you back. However, the deep understanding between the two of you would definitely give rise to love.

These days, the definition of a soulmate is different to every individual. Some people believe that a soulmate is your platonic partner whom you are romantically involved and can share intimacy with. The others feel that a soulmate could be anybody and not necessarily a spouse or a lover.

In fact, here are some fun facts about soulmates that you would love to know.

Some fun facts about soulmates that you should know

  • A soulmate could be anyone and not necessarily a partner

You could find your soulmate in a friend, parent, sibling or a lover. It could even be your furry pet. So, if you think you have got a special connection with someone that you just cannot explain, maybe they are your soulmate.

  • Things are not always magical with your soulmate

It is not that you would never fight or argue when you are with your soulmate. But you would be able to look beyond the situation into your future because that is what would matter the most to you.

  • Soulmates think alike

Stating the obvious, soulmates think alike. They share similar interests, perhaps even hobbies and may also have the same profession.

  • Your soulmate may not stay with you

Like all good things come to an end, your soulmate may or may not stick around you forever. Your situation largely influences your relationship with your soulmate.

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Signs You Have Met Your Soulmate

1. The spaces between their fingers are right where yours fit perfectly

For those who got the reference, you are my man! We all love the Owl City, but they deserve to be showered with some extra love for writing a lyric that perfectly describes a soulmate relationship. Apart from the literal meaning, this means that your soulmate completes you. Remember Marshall and Lily’s olive theory? Similar to that. For those who don’t know, the olive theory is where you like something that your partner does not like. So, it balances out, which makes you the perfect couple because you fill in for each other. Kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. Although you are two flawed individuals, your flaws may get overlooked because you fill in for each other wherever you lack. And that makes for a strong foundation for any successful relationship.

2. You run into each other time and again

You go to the mall, and you run into them. Sailing in a boat? They are your captain. Going to Goa? They are your hotel manager. That is a little exaggerated, but you get the point, don’t you? Soulmates tend to find each other. In fact, the chances are that you have already met your soulmate once by the time you are an adult. But you failed to recognise them. No stress! You will find each other again because that is your universal purpose. Because you guys are two opposing sides of a magnet. It is not a coincidence. Coincidences don’t happen as commonly as that. Therefore, always be on the lookout. You do not want to have to miss out on your soulmate, do you?

Note: If you meet a person every day on your way to work or while coming back home, it is possible that they have a routine. It is not because they are your soulmate. So, don’t make that mistake.

3. There is no judgement when there are differences

You can like dogs while them liking cats and yet come to a mutual conclusion of having both those pets in the same house. Your soulmate knows better than to judge you, and whether you think it is possible or not, you would be the same with them. You would have entirely different chemistry with them, which is what would make you so perfect for each other. They would understand even if you say that when people cheat, it is both the individual’s fault. And unless they are Rakhi Sawant, they would not be declaring your views in the newspapers. Besides, they would listen to you and also correct you if you are wrong. All that without any judgements!

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4. Threats are not the foundation of your relationship

You would neither be hearing nor throwing any threats about breaking up with each other or divorcing each other after a major fight. Because you know better than that. Sure, when it is too much to take, one of you may step outside the house to cool down or to get your mind off of things. But it would never happen that you build the foundation of your relationship by “if you don’t do it… I would leave you.” You know that is not how relationships work and that you can’t have a relationship that is more fearing than loving.

And no matter how big a fight it is, you know that you would come back to sleep next to each other in the same bed.

5. Your possessiveness never gets the better of you

Since you are both like two pieces of a magnet, you are sure that they are not going anywhere. So, you don’t feel the need to be jealous or insecure. You see, insecurity stems out from not having enough trust on the other person and their conscience. People are possessive only when they know that their partner is not sane enough to differentiate between the good and the bad. And that is why they feel the need to constantly check on their partner or protect them from other people.

Soulmates are different. They know you well enough to know that you would not do any wrong to them. They are sure of your love and theirs. So, possessiveness is nothing but a foreign feeling for them.

6. Panic attacks and anxiety are easier to control in their company

One of the best things that happen when you meet your soulmate is this. You learn to control your impulses. Now, some people would say that panic attacks are not controllable. False! You could not be more wrong. Panic attacks are an advanced stage of depression, which is something that usually happens when your mind does not have enough emotional strength.

Soulmates complete you. This means that they not only fill you with love but also help you be stronger, mentally and emotionally. And that is how the episodes of panic attacks reduce. Why else do you think some people feel much healthier and less depressed when they are in a loving relationship?

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7. You can share your deepest secrets with them and not be afraid

Because you are sure that they would not judge you. You can tell them about how you peed in the bed when you were 18 and did not utter a word to anyone about it because you were too embarrassed. Then about that time when you tried to fit into a dress that was not your size and ended up ripping it. Also, about that time when you actually felt like you were in a film because you slipped on a banana peel and everybody laughed at you. You can expect your soulmate to listen to you without any judgement. And that is what would make you feel safe around them!

8. Your values and interests are similar to those of theirs

You were raised on the same principles. Both of you believe in charity more than a religious donation. Also, you are both against breaking the traffic rules. You are conveniently uncorrupt, and you both agree that global warming is a real phenomenon. (Trump, I tell you!) Besides, you have strong views about everything, and you are both enthusiastic about the same things that others may not be quite excited about such as, going to a play or playing crossword. Soulmates also agree on one particular film or TV show for the night. Family Guy marathon? All right! Giggity giggity goo!!

9. They notice the same things as you when you are together

So, you are eating at a restaurant, and you see the waiter holding a food tray in his hand that contains some delicious-looking food. You notice that and just when you are about to look at your partner, you see that they are already looking back at you. Then you exchange an amusing look and just by looking into each other’s eye, you know that you have to order the same thing for your table, too. That is not creepy. It shows what kind of a strong connection the both of you share.

Your soulmate does not need your words to understand you. They know you are sad by the way you say ‘Hi’ and they know you need to be fed the moment they see you. No matter what, soulmates are right there for you.

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10. Although you have just met them, you don’t feel the need to fill the gaps for them

Maybe you are 30 and have just found your soulmate; you still won’t feel the need to tell them everything that has happened to you in all these years. Of course, your soulmate would not be a mind-reader. But they would guess a lot many things about you without you ever telling them. What this simply means is that no matter when you meet your soulmate, there is no way you would ever feel like you have just met them. Even in the newness, you would feel a certain familiarity. It would feel like you have known them forever. And that is when all the cheesy, nonsensical Bollywood romance would make sense to you. Finally!!

How did you know you had met your soulmate? Write it down in the comments section below for your fellow readers!