Signs You Should Not Get Back With Your Ex

Being in a relationship is one of the most beautiful things you can experience. When you are romantically involved with someone, you find ways to be with each other. You love to share everything with your partner. You think about that person every single second and want to be with him/her. Your expectations from that person increase as your relationship crosses a certain period. While all these things are common among all the couples, but there are times when your relationship hits a rough patch. This too is very common among the couples. It’s the testing period of a relationship when it goes through various highs and lows.

In such conditions, either the relationship survives, or it ends. If it survives, your love will grow deeper than before. But if it ends, you will be left heart-broken. Sometimes, it’s better to leave certain relationships behind and move on rather than sticking to it. If you were meant to be together, you would never have separated. Sometimes you find it difficult while getting separated from your partner. But sometimes the situation makes it easy for you to walk away from your relationship.

In such conditions, either the relationship survives, or it ends

There might be many who after separating from their partners would try to reconcile after a while. In such cases, things might work out for both the boy and the girl. But sometimes, this idea of reconciliation can prove to be the biggest mistake of your life.

I’ve personally witnessed a lot of my friends who have deeply regretted after getting back to their exes. Well, everyone has a different reason for the same depending on what terms they had got separated.
So I, too, feel that to get back with your ex is never a good idea. So, here are various reasons why you should never get back with your ex. Let’s dig in.

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1. You have a valid reason to let go of your partner

You fell in love with someone and started dating. Everything was going well, until one fine day, things went hunky-dory. Even after giving it several chances, things didn’t work out, and you called it quits. This might be heart-breaking, but you just need to accept that you both are not meant for each other. There was a reason you separated. So once you let go of your partner, let them go forever. This is one of the major reasons why you shouldn’t get back with your ex.

2. Both you and your partner are still carrying the burden of your relationship

Another major sign that you shouldn’t get back with your ex. The mental and emotional trauma that you and your partner go through when you break up takes time to heal. Well, sometimes you move on quickly, while sometimes you don’t. But if you are thinking to get back with your ex, your baggage of burden seems to start gaining weight that too rapidly.

You get Déjà Vu. You get the flashback of all the memories, especially the bad ones, things that annoy you about your partner, and all the things you both had done to hurt each other. And you may not think about all this at once, but these thoughts will bother you from time to time. You will start fighting about the same things again, and then things will end up in the same way just like before. In the end, you will regret of thinking to get back with your ex big time.

3. Your trust has been broken

When you love someone, you tend to trust that person blindly in everything. You are very sure that your partner won’t ever break your trust and also live up to your expectations. But when you realize that your partner has broken your trust. It leaves you completely shattered. It’s hard for you to accept that the one person you loved and trusted so much had hurt you so badly. This thing will bother you for the rest of your life. So, even if you are thinking of getting back together, this will keep bothering you every single time. Well, if you have gone through severe trust issues in your relationship, it is not a good idea to get back with your ex.

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4. Your sex life wasn’t that good

In every relationship, physical intimacy also plays a major role in bringing two persons closer to each other. Sex is not just about having fun or fulfilling the want to get pleasure, it’s also about love. You feel secure, and you share this feeling with that one and only special person in your life. However, many relationships have seen a dead-end once their sex life suffers. So if you have separated from your partner for this very reason, it’s never a good idea to get back with your ex.

5. There are many others out there and they are not the only one

After you call it quits with your partner, it takes a while to move on. You know the reason why you had to take this step so being strong enough to accept it is the only thing which will help you. It will take a while for you to forget your partner. But once you stop thinking about him/her, you will see there are many others in this world. Once you think like this, it will be easy for you to move on. And once you realize that you will find someone else in your life to be with, you will forget your past soon. This is one of the signs that you shouldn’t get back with your ex.

6. You had a bad breakup and now need to learn to love yourself 

When you go through a breakup, you completely lose faith in love. The one loving person in you is no more alive, and you become stone-hearted. You become arrogant, stubborn or extremely weak in expressing your emotions. Once there was a time when your heart was only filled with love, but now there’s no love. You will have to learn to love all over again. This is how you will find a way to come out of your past and may find a new soul mate for the rest of your life. When you learn this, this is a great sign that you shouldn’t get back with your ex.

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7. You are happy when you are with people and not when your partner is with you

It’s less the impact an individual physically has on you that makes you happy, but instead, the perception you have of that person. This is necessary to differentiate because while you may feel your perception has changed of that particular person while you are away from each other when you get back together, every one of those negative thoughts you had will reemerge. Even though the person may have changed, your view of the person in question isn’t so impermanent.

In your mind, an individual isn’t simply made out of who the person is at the time, but instead, of the considerable number of things we recall about the person in question, alongside every one of the recollections and feelings that the individual helps us to remember. If you were not happy with somebody for a long period of time, the odds of switching that unhappiness are pretty much nothing.

8. You still think your partner will make you happy

If you have called it quits with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you go through a severe mental and emotional time. You have had a major heartbreak. But sometimes getting back with your ex can fix up things for you. This sounds cheesy, but you find your happiness by doing this. But this thing will only make you happy and not your partner. So instead of walking back to your ex, give some time to yourself. Gain some support from your family and friends. This won’t make you feel lonely and help you heal faster.

9. You feel that you blew off that one chance of being in love

No one wants to go through heartbreaks. When a relationship breaks, you go through a low phase in your life. You are emotionally broken, and nothing makes you happy. This can go on for a while until you gather yourself and decide to accept it and move on. Sometimes you will also regret about blowing your one chance at love. But you should stay strong and just keep moving. You’ll go through various ups and downs, but this phase will pass soon.

10. Your best friends still reveal their dislike towards your ex

This is one of the major signs that you shouldn’t get back with your ex. If you have a bunch of close friends, they will surely know everything about your relationship. While your friends too must have met your partner and observed certain things, they are likely to talk to you about it. Friends tend to observe more your partner than you too. Your friends might reveal some flaws in your relationship. Sometimes, your friends observe how your partner used to behave with you or how unhappy you were with him/her. If your friends tell us all this, it is important to consider these things and drop the idea of getting back with your ex.

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11. Your ex does not show the same interest in your life like before

When you get in touch with your ex personally, through phone or social media, he/she doesn’t take that kind of interest in your life like he/she did it before. They don’t ask a lot of genuine questions about how you are and how is your family doing or what you have been up to. They don’t show that much interest as they don’t care about you. What they care about is keeping you on the sidelines. This is a sign that you should not think about getting back with your ex.

You Should Not Get Back With Your Ex

There will be times in your life when your long-term relationship ends all of a sudden even before you realize it. This is the most challenging phase of your life. Because either it will make you stronger enough to deal with this harsh reality of your life or make you emotionally weak. But all you got to do is stay strong and deal with it. This type of approach will help you move on in your life and also bring positivity. It will help you find love again in your life and make you feel that an end of one relationship is not an end of everything.

It might take some time for you to move on and start a new life without your beloved, who is no more yours. But with the support of your family and friends and your dear ones, you can get pass-through this difficult phase soon.

There will be times when you feel lonely and think about getting back with your ex. You will try to do this just to make yourself happy. But you should think that your ex is not even thinking about it or maybe he/she has moved on. Knocking the doors of your past will only make you remember all the difficult times you went through and how badly it hurt you. Just stay strong and focus your attention on other things in your life. Spending time with your friends and family or focusing on your career will help you.

It may give you some moments of pain but a lifetime of happiness

The idea of getting back with your ex is not suitable for everyone and every situation. Sometimes distancing yourself from that person can bring happiness and peace in your life. It may give you some moments of pain but a lifetime of happiness.

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If you observe any of the above signs in your life, you should not get back with you ex. However, there are times when you are ready to give it another shot. But perhaps you are not sure, in which case, check out this blog to see if you are ready to get back with your ex.