Awkward First Date Stories and How to Avoid Them from Happening Again

When I say the word date, the first thing that pops in anyone’s mind is having a really good time. For many couples, dates are just about getting all decked up in the most trendy clothes to impress their date and going on fancy dinners. Well, going on a date is much more than that. In a relationship, you go on several dates. And out of all the dates you have been to, the first date is always the most memorable one. I am certain we all must remember our first date.

Many of you might be having some really good experiences during the first date, while some might have awkward first date stories to recollect. Dates can turn out to be both good and bad, depending on the situation. Sometimes if it doesn’t go well, we are left heartbroken, embarrassed, frustrated or angry. But if it all goes well, then you will wait for the next one.

Going on a date is exciting and scary at the same time. It is like you have barely know the person and you are going out to know him/her better. First dates are all about knowing each other, discovering various things, likes, dislikes, hobbies, nature. As there is a saying, “The first impression is the last impression.” The first date is all about the same. If you fail to present yourself properly, the person might reject you. You can get judgmental about the other person.
You have to be very careful when you express yourself and behave. This is really important when you go on a first date.

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Well, we have a fun topic today. We are going to discuss awkward first date stories. There is a lot to talk about it. If you have had any awkward first date experiences, I am here to your rescue.

I am going to give you several tips to keep yourself away from goofing up on your first date and allow you to make it a memorable one.

First dates can get tricky. And sometimes, the reasons are just stupid and funny enough to laugh at. Well, you can forget it with time but try not to make the same mistakes again.
While both the man and the woman should equally get a chance to speak, there are times when one talks and the other one only listens. It happens when one is introverted, and the other one is an extrovert. And this can get a bit irritating at times.

Sometimes, you or your date expresses views on certain things which can make things awkward. Passing on racist comments or being too much judgmental about a particular thing, how only men are superior to women, being a complete feminist, self-obsession, etc. These things will make you think if this is the right person to date or not. Well, these were some important and serious factors that need to look before you start dating.

Well, there are some stupid things that take place during the first date, which can be excused. For example, you or partner trying to be someone you are not. Or experimenting with clothes which make you look hot, sexy, smart or beautiful but they make you uncomfortable. Overdressing or under-dressing – both can leave you embarrassed. While girls try to put on lots of makeup, boys try to smoke to look cool (in both these cases, you might end up making a fool of yourself).

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Here is a good one! It is easily one of the funniest stories I’ve heard about forcing an accent to look cool on the first date. So, a friend of mine went on a date with a girl he met through one of his peer groups. And on the first date, she tried to act cool by faking an accent. But things got awkward when she goofed up. And uncontrollably, my friend burst out in laughter to her face. Obviously, it was quite embarrassing for her. But what we learn from this is that you should never try to be something you are not

Here is another incident that happened with a couple who went on a date. What happened at the end will make you laugh hysterically. So, everything between this couple was going great. They were having a good time together just when things start to get romantic. And just when the boy got closer to the girl to kiss her, she accidentally farted.

Now, obviously that has got to be embarrassing for the couple. I am sure the memory of this awkard first date must make them burst out in laughter even today.

Folks, there will be countless awkward first date stories. So if you have already had awkward first date stories and experiences, do keep these pointers in mind for the next time you go on a date.

1. Be yourself

This is the most important thing both a man and a woman should keep in mind while going on a first date. There is no need to act like someone or be someone you are not. You might simply goof up and make a big fool of yourself. Sometimes this may backfire you. This is like creating a fake identity of yourself and who knows your date might like you, but when they come to know about it, things may end. Your date may feel cheated because it is like you were lying about each and everything.

No one is perfect in this world, so just relax and act as normal as you can. Even then if he/she is not showing interest in you, you can just let it go as it was not meant for you.

2. Don’t say everything that comes to your mind; think before sharing stuff

First dates are usually about getting to know each other. But that doesn’t mean you say everything that is in your mind. First, see how things are going. Go again on a couple of dates and then decide whether they are good enough for you to share. Sometimes when you go in a flow and reveal a lot of things. This might create a problem for you and your date. They may or may not like it.

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3. Don’t get too drunk

Enjoying a couple of drinks on your first date is pretty great. However, you shouldn’t end up drinking too much. Well, there are several reasons for not doing this. Firstly, you might lose your senses and start talking nonsense, also your behaviour changes when you are high on spirits. Secondly, your date might think that you are a drunkard. Thirdly, you might end up creating a ruckus, leaving your date embarrassed. It might scare him/her away, and also they might not be able to handle this kind of situation, especially if you are on a first date.

4. Keep it breezy; don’t get into serious stuff

First dates are all about having a good time with the person. Talking to each other about random things and some fun stuff, revealing your hobbies, your favourite cuisine, a favourite pastime, talking about travelling, studies or work. It is better to keep the serious stuff away as things might not work well. You can’t discuss marriage, babies and serious stuff. This may get you in trouble and make things awkward for both of you. It is just a first date. You don’t need to think and talk too deeply about future stuff. So just chill out, relax and have fun.

5. Don’t have idealistic expectations

When you go on a first date, be prepared for both good and bad. Either your date will be a successful one or it won’t. So, go with zero expectations and see how things are going between you and your date. If you keep high hopes and things don’t work, you will end up being frustrated or heartbroken.

Also, when you are in conversation with your date, don’t talk too much about your expectations. This might make the person nervous, and they will start feeling the pressure. Don’t expect too much from the person because if they aren’t fulfilled, you will feel bad about it.

6. Avoid talking about past relationships

This is again one of the most important things to avoid awkward encounters during the first date. There might be many who went through breakups. They have already dealt with relationships, but you haven’t. If that person talks about his/her exes, things might get awkward; especially if they are your first ever date. That person won’t be comfortable and might also judge.

Revealing about your exes is quite personal stuff which shouldn’t be discussed during first dates. Let bygones be bygones as there are so many things to discuss and better ways to know a person rather than talking about their exes who are no longer relevant.

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7. Do some fun activity

Dates usually take place in cafes and fancy restaurants where the two can sip several cups of coffee or binge on delicious food while having a conversation. Well, sometimes doing some other stuff can make your first date less awkward, boring and more of a fun. So instead of sitting in a café, staring at each other, finding topics to talk, engage in some activity. Watch movies, go on a long drive, or go hiking. Such things will keep you both busy, and there won’t be any awkward silences between you two.

8. Avoid excess use of cell phone

You need to be very careful about this. Well, we all have a habit of constantly being busy with our phones all day. But when you go on a date, you must avoid using too much of your phone. If you keep doing this, your date may get irritated. Try to avoid taking unnecessary calls which can wait for a while. Focus all your attention on the person; this might make him/her feel more special. Also, avoid looking at your cell phone while the other person is talking as it will seem extremely rude. Also, the person will lose their cool.

9. Pay attention to personal hygiene

This applies to both girls and boys. Before you step out for your first date, make sure you look presentable. This means you should wear decent clothes, use a deodorant or perfume to smell good, make you are your teeth are properly brushed, and have a piece of gum or a mint to have fresh breath. Girls should properly comb their hair, while guys should be neat and clean with their beard trimmed. Make sure your hands are clean and nails are cut properly. This also represents a lot about hygiene and taking care of yourself.

10. Be presentable yet comfy in what you wear

You might be judged on your first date by your appearance. So wearing proper clothes is extremely important. We all want to look stylish, but sometimes, you end up being a fashion disaster. When you decide to go on a date, choose clothes which suits you and you are comfortable wearing them. For example, there are many girls who have never worn short outfits, but they try to experiment and later feel uncomfortable. Avoid getting yourself in such a situation. For boys too, don’t think too much about it. Just wear what you like, and you are good to go.

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So folks, above mentioned are some of the major things you need to take care before you go on your date. Awkward first date stories can leave you all embarrassed, but at the same time, you will also learn lots of things. You will simply avoid making the same mistakes again and make you outing a happening one.

It might happen that your first date won’t usually go well, or it might go too well. Just go with the flow, and don’t let it affect you in any way. If it is going well, continue going on many more outings, if it doesn’t, simply forget it and move on in your life.

I am certain you all must have had many interesting things about your first dates. How did you prepare yourself? How did you deal with it? What did you learn from your first date?

We would love to know all your wonderful, funny and even dreadful awkward first date stories. Write them down in the comment section below for your fellow readers!