Perks Of Traditional Dating

Dating is no longer a concept but a major part of everyone’s life. Some people find dating to be way too overrated while some see dating as a means to meet their partner or even soulmate (for those who believe). For some people, dating is just being with a person for the time being. But this doesn’t apply to everyone. Sometimes, a casual date too can turn out to be a serious one and you might end up being with that person forever. Everyone has different opinions and views on dating, which mostly depends on their experiences. This also shows why traditional dating is still so popular even in 2019.   

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Some people think that dating is not their cup of tea since they might have had a bad experience or they are not good dealing with this. However, for some people, dating is a very casual thing and no big deal. They like to be with different people and aren’t afraid to explore and have options before they settle down with one person. 

In today’s time, we see every second person dating someone or the other. It has become a trend these days. You like someone from work, college, meeting someone in a party or at a social gathering, you start dating. When you date a person through these means, it’s just like a fling or infatuation. You don’t think much and just start seeing each other. This can be quite easy for many people. 

Well, I told you lots about modern dating and how things can be in such kind of dating. But there’s another well-known dating system which I’m sure you all must have heard about. And it’s called traditional dating. Well, in today’s modern times, there must be very less of them who believe in traditional dating and also try it out. 

For those who are not completely aware of traditional dating, let’s know about it. 

Traditional dating is completely opposite of the present-day types of dating. For example, online dating and speed dating. First traditional dating meetings happen face-to-face where two people meet for a brief period of time. 

Earlier, traditional dating had certain rules which have now changed with the times. For instance, women never used to call men, and it was the man who used to pay the bills. Today, the standards of conventional dating are not characterized clearly.

While a lot of people find traditional dating old-fashioned and outdated, others find such kind of dating very romantic, full of emotions, time-honoured prelude and a key to a long-lasting and successful marriage. Conventional dating takes place when parents find the right person for you, it is like an arranged marriage setup, blind-date or no-sex dating. There are many who believe in traditional dating and prefer it. They think this is the right way to find the right partner and begin a life together. 

While some things in traditional dating remain the same, there are some things which have changed with time. Years ago, i.e. in the 1950s, a man used to take the initiative of talking to a woman, asking her for a date and also paying the bills. Since there was no easy access to communication, the man used to ask the woman for a date several days ahead of it. After the woman accepts to go with him, he would arrange for a time to pick her up. The couple would usually go on movies or lunch and dinner dates. And premarital sex may also happen. But it varies from couple to couple.

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If we compare the rules of traditional dating today with the ones in the 1950s, they are very different. Your date may take place at a coffee shop or some public place. Usually, a man takes the initiative of asking first but it’s okay even if a woman has taken the initiative. It’s no big deal. It happens that man usually pays on the first date but sometimes a woman may go for Dutch. Nowadays, premarital sex is pretty expected and common after you go on a few dates. 

Well folks, now that the concept of traditional dating is clear to you, let’s dive into some of the advantages that come along with it. 

1. There is less physical contact

Like I told you, traditional dating is when you meet the person through your mutual friends or parents set you up with someone. So, it’s as good as you are certainly not too aware of the person. Before you completely know him/her, you can’t reach a level where you can get physical.

Dating in an environment that discourages physical contact before marriage offers the chance to know your date as a potential life partner on various significant levels. This can be even better when you have enough time to know your partner without worrying about involving into a sexual relationship. This will help you in focusing on other significant aspects of the relationship. You get a chance to think and also observe whether your date respects you and treats you properly, if he/she is honest with you, has the patience to listen to you and also communicate properly.

In traditional dating, both you and your date get a chance to share your objectives of life and see if it matches with your partner. In the event that you and your date both are aware that there won’t be any physical relationship know since the beginning, you will only depend on verbal communication and that will make you realize whether your date will make a decent marriage accomplice for you.

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2. You share the same values

Traditional dating lets you invest all the time and energy with the person who shares the same qualities and also has the same religious perspectives. So if you start dating a person with the intention of having him/her as your partner for life, you will make sure that your date too is expecting and looking for the same thing. On the off chance that you and your date go out with the understanding that you both view a definitive goal of dating is marriage, you won’t wind up pondering responsibility while your date will simply be wanting to have just a fling for short-term.

3. Matchmakers 

Some people consider taking the help of a matchmaker or consulting him/her too old-fashioned. But trust me, there are a lot of such matchmakers in every community who thrive. They help many in meeting the right person and assess their appropriateness as marriage accomplices.

A matchmaker who has a lot of experience clearly understands how to find a perfect match for a person. He/she knows how to set up appropriate couples. The matchmaker might take the help of parents and then set up two people together. Sometimes, he/she will directly communicate with an individual for the same set them up with an appropriate person. Many people avoid going on a blind-date as most of the times it might not end on a good note. This is why they prefer consulting matchmakers.

Aside from countless families in numerous networks, individuals too rely on and seek advice from these matchmakers. They take the help of either a community matchmaker or the one who is a member of their religious association. These matchmakers have all the information about every single boy and the girl of the community. Also, there are fewer chances of being ended up with the wrong person. Both families are aware of each other’s family background and status. So now, it’s up to the girl and boy to decide whether they like each other or not.  

4. Arranged marriages

In arranged marriage set up, both the boy and the girl’s parents are involved. They choose the right partner for you which suits your preferences and with whom you can spend your life. In an arranged marriage set up, usually both the families are known to each other. Many people think that arrange marriage set up is not suitable for them and this doesn’t allow you to take your own decision. But there are some who think that this custom makes stronger a subsequent marriage by including the individuals who know the couple the best and that’s your parents.

In various communities, the parents first meet the families and investigate thoroughly about the person to make sure they are choosing the right person for their child. Well, only once the parents are fully satisfied with the family and the date with whom they are going to set their child, that’s when the couple can meet. Parents first determine all the aspects of the date. The people who support this custom, claim that this decreases the chances of failed dates that occur among young people who date only for marriage.

The other advantages of traditional dating are that it is more comfortable. Your or your date’s mutual friends make you feel very secure and comfortable when it comes to dating. You too feel secure and can trust your date since you know that your friends very well know the person. This is one of the most important advantages of traditional dating.

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There’s real-life chemistry between you and your date. Unlike online or speed dating, you will know right away whether there is chemistry between you two or not.

When you opt for traditional dating, you will have lots to talk and lots to explore each other. Since you barely know the person’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, other qualities, habits, tastes, preferences, etc. you will come to know about it as you spend time together. You can your partner will keep discovering various things about each other even after marriage. Also, there will be lots of things which will leave you surprised. It is pretty exciting to get to know something new about each other every day. The most beautiful thing is to happily accept it and live with it forever. 

When two people meet through an arranged marriage set up, they are likely to be more excited to be with each other. They constantly make it a point to communicate and make sure the other person is comfortable. After a few dates, they tend to get comfortable. They have lots to discuss, apart from their personal life. Once their marriage is fixed, they can have long conversations about their impending wedding. From discussing the various wedding functions to coordinating about how they would twin in each functions. Asking each other’s thoughts about where to go on a honeymoon, deciding what all they will explore together, how they will manage each other’s hectic work schedules and sparing some time for each other, all these things will make you want to live with your partner ASAP.

The trends of dating have changed and will always keep changing but this concept of traditional dating is unlikely to change. Thousands of people believe in traditional dating which leads to a beautiful journey of marriage and they live happily ever after. 

Traditional dating has led to many successful marriages and they are still very happy about finding a life partner through this. They also recommend this to many individuals who are finding it difficult to find a partner on their own. There will always be advantages and disadvantages with the whole dating thing, be it traditional dating or modern dating. But if you focus on the pros rather than cons, then you can definitely have a successful relationship and a marriage by means of traditional dating. 

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It is widely accepted across the world and this should continue for ages without thinking that it is outdated.   

Do you like the concept of traditional dating? Do you find it right to date someone or marry someone through traditional dating?

We would love to know your views. Write them down in the comments section below for your fellow readers!